Piante Mati: my discovery of the vivarium.

piante mati company

As I already mentioned in my previous post, today I want to talk of company Piante Mati of Mati brothers that I was particularly interested. As you know, this year I took care of my vegetable garden alone for the first time, then find within a company vivarium was really exciting for me.

piante mati grass and garden

Piante Mati

If you then consider that, since I was born, I live practically between office and warehouse, in the company of my parents, you know well that from looking the other way and see how they work the others, it was even more interesting .

Upon our arrival we met Andrea who told us about a bit of the nursery plants Mati and his passion for music. Think that was able to connect business and passion by creating spaces where nature blends with art.

piante mati company restaurant

The second brother, who we met it was Paolo who told us about his passion for cooking. How is this passion unites a company vivarium? Simple. A year ago, an old warehouse has been converted into a farm holidays restaurant where there are cooking classes are held for children who have great success.

toscana fair lunch

Also prepare lunches of work, well organized to save time thanks to the web and also have a more secluded area, where we ate, enjoying lunches refined.

mati company garden


After we did a tour of the vivarium, where we saw a weather station and a vegetable garden caisson are made from herbs for the kitchen and all the different demonstration gardens with beautiful lawns.

mati company working

We went to see what they call the Academy, where we were shown the various gardens created and a view of the top of the company made ​​a drone that I would have really liked to see the opera.

piante mati company trees

At the Academy we also met the third brother, Francesco, who is passionate about technology and thanks to him, this company was one of the first to have a website.

 plats toscana fair

Lunch in the farm holidays restaurant was really appreciated by all. The food, as well as being good, it was really refined.

plats toscana fair

This company I enjoyed several respects:

both for the way they work,

and for the many initiatives taken within.

mousse toscana fair

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