Plaza Hotel Lucchesi. Florence. Tested for you.

plaza hotel lucchesi swimming pool by night

Florence, along the Arno. The street is lined of luxury hotels.

plaza hotel lucchesi luxury inside hotel

We go today at Plaza Hotel Lucchesi. When we enter, we understand immediately why the Italian style is renowned in the world and why Florence has a charm that foreigners envy us.

plaza hotel lucchesi dining room

Dinner in the restaurant is elegant and refined. The dishes of the local tradition are masterfully revised by top chefs. We’ve find everything during the presentation of Freeppie, the app for free travel, which I have already spoken.

plaza hotel lucchesi freeppie exhibition

But the best luxury you reach at the top floor.

plaza hotel lucchesi swimming pool on the top
Now the bar is deserted.

plaza hotel lucchesi bar on the top

The view is over the roofs of Florence and the illuminated dome makes a fine view of self. The floodlit swimming pool is still open.

Don’t miss to swim up here. If not heaven … it’s pretty close!

plaza hotel lucchesi landscape on florence
Impossible to describe the sensation you get to admire these monuments that are the envy of the world from a location so unique, and this is true for both day or night.

plaza hotel lucchesi room
It’s late, it’s time to go to sleep, but the surprises aren’t finished yet.
Try to imagine. In the silence of the hotel, it’s very late, you insert the electronic key of your room.
The room is dark and the curtains on the large window in front of the xxl bed are aside, while you looking for the switch. The illuminated dome makes a fine view of himself by the windows. It’s take away your breath.

plaza hotel lucchesi windows room
For those who don’t have enough sleep the small terrace od the room allows you to relax with this magnificent view, but also for people like me who is dying of sleep and dives into bed…

plaza hotel lucchesi terrace room

It’s impossible to fall asleep. I’d be hours admiring from here, lying, this show. It’s appear criminal to close my eyes and lose even one second!

plaza hotel lucchesi view on florence from room

Ok! I understand! Stop! I go to sleeping. The lights switch off but we can’t close the curtains. The faint orange light illuminates the room and still for a moment my eyes don’t shut and continue to enjoy the view.

plaza hotel lucchesi view on florence from room
The rooms are large and spacious. Equipped with every comfort.

plaza hotel lucchesi room

The attention to detail is perfect.

plaza hotel lucchesi bathroom















Fluffy white bathrobes await you in the large and elegant bathroom.

plaza hotel lucchesi attention to detail

A look at the window again… it’s the absolute thing I love most! But you know this!

plaza hotel lucchesi luxury room with view

Valeria always wakes up in the early morning. We have a lot to do today!

hotel plaza dei lucchesi valeria is always ready

With sun the view is even more beautiful than evening. Great dome! I’d be hours and hours to admiring it, even if, as usual, we never have enough time!

hotel plaza dei lucchesi view from room

We go to breakfast.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi luxury hotel

Obviously, the breakfast in the next morning was adequate at standards and satisfies all tastes, from Italians to many foreigners who visit the town in this period.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi breakfast

Sweet and salty in all flavors and tastes.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi breakfast room

hotel plaza dei lucchesi breakfast room

Before to go out to explore Florence, let’s go again on the roof.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi florence dome

The location is very cool! Ideal to have a rest, to admire the monuments or to taste a cocktail.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi florence dome

The tables are waiting you in the shade with a fresh breeze.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi landscape on tuscany hills

You can also opt for the relaxing view on the Tuscan countryside.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi bar on the top

Of course don’t forgetting a dip in the early morning when there is no one yet.

hotel plaza dei lucchesi swimming pool on the top

So whatever your reason for visiting this wonderful city, I think I have convinced you with these photos and if I haven’t already done so … sorry!

Now I don’t have time. I’m going to swim in the pool on the roof! Bye bye!

hotel plaza dei lucchesi bar on the top

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