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Pro Loco Trapani (8 ottobre 2018) – The Low Cost Travel Guida arrive in Trapani (Sicily) to meet the local tour operators.

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Rai Cultura Economia (14th February 2016) – Travel and save money: my tips about low cost travel and my Low Cost Travel Guide.

Tele Jonio (15th November 2015) – Presentation in Calabria of my book Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost (Low Cost Travel Guide) at Biblioteca Terzani of Amaroni (CZ).

Il Lametino (12nd November 2015) – Presentation in Calabria of my book Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost (Low Cost Travel Guide) at Palazzo Nicotera (Lamezia Terme), thanks to Sistema Bibliotecario Lametino.

GeoNews (11st November 2015) – Presentation in Calabria of my book Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost (Low Cost Travel Guide).

Rai Radio Uno (04th October 2015) – Interview at Mary Pop about secret to travel saving money and about my book.

La Stampa (14th September 2015) – My six tips to travel low cost from out Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost. One of articles more read and share.

Travelweare (13th September 2015) – Article with some tips to travel save money from our Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost.

Rete Uno RSI (9th September 2015) – My interview to Radio in Switzerland (italian region) about tips to travel low cost and our Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost.

Il Secolo XIX (8th September 2015) – The article of  La Stampa about Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost is also here.

TTG Italia (8th September 2015) – There is my name about article on La Stampa of a few days ago and our Guide to Low Cost Travel.

La Stampa (4th September 2015) – Our book Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost growing in interest and there are two full pages of the printed newspaper on yesterday and today in the online version.

Simona Sacri Travel Blogger (2nd September 2015) – My interview about Low Cost Travel Guide about travel and more.

Air Dolomiti (28th July 2015) – Tips to fight the fear of flying. Do you think that I have? Nooooo!

Il Piccolo (17th July 2015) – First page and article in the second full page about our Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost (Guide to travel low cost).

Con un viaggio nella testa (14th July 2015) – Interview like author of Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost with a lot of tips and suggestions to travel low cost.

E-CoWork (13rd July 2015) – Interview about our way to save money on travel and about ours trip with Valeria. Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost is the must.

Lab121 (25th June 2005) – Interview and presentation of Guida ai Viaggi Low Cost (Guide Low Cost Travel) at Lab121 in Alessandria.

Armando Aliprandi (17th January 2015) – Our post about Bahamas cruise resumed with helpful tips to save and spend very little.

Rimini Today (1st October 2014) – Our participation at Week of Good Living as Family Travel Blogger with international bloggers.

Air Dolomiti (1st August 2014) – Interview about travel with child.

Cuponation Blog (31st July 2014) – At number 17 my tip to sea holiday in October. Do you agreement?

Sottobanco (12nd July 2014) – Post about school.

Turisti per caso (23rd June 2014) – Dolomites of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Italy.

Armando Aliprandi (13rd June 2014) – The video of my interview.

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Bimbi e viaggi (11st April 2014) – School and travel.

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Fanpage – Blog in italian language.