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Le Professioni del Futuro  (23rd March 2017) – Presenter at the National Conference on the evolution of the labor market, organized in Milan by Intribe.

Il Tirreno Toscana  (23rd March 2017) – The Report of the National Conference on Future Professions with my video interview.

Il Tirreno Toscana  (22nd March 2017) – My interview with what I think about the Professions of the Future: what will remain and what will disappear.

3rd Way Digital  (24th November 2016) – Speaker of the series of events organized by the Institute Vincenzo Lilla, Secondary School in South Italy, thanks to the invitation of Mimmo Aprile.

Strettoweb  (22nd November 2016) – Milly Filomena Tucci talks about STEM and innovation and brings my story, robotics and my passions.

SkyTg24  (21st November 2016) – Alberto Giuffre interviews me and Leonardo. A wonderful service for robotics week. Here the reduced version , in the link the long version.

Linc Magazine  (18th November 2016) – My interview about my future projects, TAG, MIT, Duckietown, Leonardo and more.  (15th November 2016) – An article of me on like Digital Ambassador of Manpower Group. Nice!

Forum HR Milano 2016  (17th November 2016) – Speaker at HR Forum 2016 of Milan in a panel “Inspiring future sharing the change”.

Donna Moderna  (13th November 2016) – Donna Moderna’s Guest for a “Coffee with … The Best Youth” appointment to talk about robots, technology, digital and more. 

Quotidiano Piemontese  (November 2016) – Another article on my award winning Smau the Human Age Foundation’s Talent Award 2016.

MondoErre  (November 2016) – Mondo Erre speaks of me and my robot, of my encounter with Arduino and of my experience at MIT.

SMAU Milano 2016 – Radio Gold  (28th October 2016) – The award received by the Human Age Foundation as a young talent directly by President Stefano Scabbio.

Maker Faire Roma 2016 – La Stampa  (20th October 2016) – Valeria’s school at Maker Faire Roma with the automatic foosball with the quotation of Valeria.

Alessandria Magazine  (12th October 2016) – New appointment of the Mandrogno Lounge chaired by Massimo Brusasco where I will be a guest.

Fashioncamp  (16th September 2016) – Speaker at TAG of Calabiana (Milan) like guest, I spaek about future and technology.

I mille  (22rd June 2016) – Valeria and protagonists of digital collaboration without frontiers with their robot built on Skype 800 km away.

Wired  (17th June 2016) – My quote extracted from the book The Infiltrate by Nicola Palmarini near to 6 women without whom we could don’t use the computer.

Repubblica delle Idee – RNext  (9th June 2016) – Millennials: “Next, the Republic of Innovators”. Valeria and Leonardo tell their fairy tale between robots, Boston and MIT. By the minute 21.45.

StartupItalia  (28th May 2016) – Valeria and Leonardo, 16 yo, chosen by MIT: “Our fairy between Italy, Facebook and the US”. History of two young Italian makers who have been selected by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a summer camp where they will learn to create a startup.

Coding e dintorni  (23rd May 2016) –  Avellino. Workshop “The word to the young maker”. Team Speakers and Mentor: Valeria Cagnina and Leonardo Falanga.

Irpinia24  (18th May 2016) –  Avellino. Fourth workshop on coding and surroundings. Two young Italian maker who tell us how great things are making. We are talking about Valeria Cagnina and Leonardo Falanga.

TAG Innovation School  (17th May 2016) –  On the stage of #TAGopenight find Cagnina Valeria, the youngest Italian Digital Champion and student mentorship program for young talents of TAG Innovation School.

Avvenire  (11th May 2016) –  Presentation of TAG Innovation School… Valeria Cagnina, youngest italian Digital Champion, speaks about changing the world with robotic,…

Italian Internet Day – RAI (29th April 2016) – … extraordinary live streaming of TG1 to celebrate 30 years of the first Italian Internet connection. I’m a speaker at CNR of Pisa with the greatest names of the Italian web.

La Vita in Diretta – RAI (27th Aprile 2016) – … From 17.52 minutes, a beautiful interview of Giulia Nannini about me and Valeria. We speak of our robots, our passions and our projects.

La Stampa (22th March 2016) – Valeria and Leonardo, the teenager that make a robot on Skype. Valeria, 15 yo, from Alessandria, Leonardo, 17 yo, from Nocera: together with tech.

valeria cagnina e leonardo falanga alla romecup con il robot costruito su skype

Ossola News (21st March 2016) – My interview about tech and school.

La Stampa (18th March 2016) – At RomeCup and Olimpic Robotics with our robot made on Skype. We arrive 8° and we go to final match in Campidoglio in Rome.

TG1 (17th March 2016) – My interview during RomeCup at TG1, the most important TV news in Italy..

La Stampa (12nd March 2016) – Inauguration of the FabLab of Alessandria, we talk about how maker Valeria and his passion for technology.

Radio Gold (11th March 2016) – nauguration of the FabLab of Alessandria where Valeria speaks about makers, 3D printer, laser cutter e tech.

Che Futuro! (28th February 2016) – Post about new appointment of Coderdojo Alessandria with Valeria in S. Michele (AL).

Economyup (12nd November 2015) – The #Timgirlshackathon in Milano at WCap accelerator. I’m in the jury.

Punto Cellulare (11st November 2015) – Post about my partecipation and member of jury at #Timgirlshackathon in Milano at WCap accelerator.

TIM (10th November 2015) – Post about my partecipation and member of jury at #Timgirlshackathon in Milano at WCap accelerator.

Connessione Scuola (26th October 2015) – A post about Maker Faire where I’m here with my opening conferece’s talk and with some questions.

Intervista (26th October 2015) – After Maker Faire, some question about school and my point of view about education.

StartupItalia (17th October 2015) – My full speech at opening conference of Maker Faire Rome inside La Sapienza University of Rome.

Maker Faire Rome (17th October 2015) – Event inside Maker Faire Rome. Stories and experiences of teen makers.

StartupItalia (16th October 2015) – My mio post about I became maker thanks to Youtube.

Maker Faire Rome (16th October 2015) – Speaker at opening conference of Maker Faire Rome 2015 – Life with the machines – about my idea of world in the future. (15th October 2015) – Article about opening Maker Faire Rome with my name as speaker.

Huffingtonpost (15th October 2015) – Article about opening Maker Faire Rome with my name as speaker.

Smartweek (12th August 2015) – Another article with my name about the list of 100 and more most famous women in the tech’s world in Italy.

AlessandriaNews (7th August 2015) – An article about my name in the list of 100 and more most famous women in the digital’s world in Italy. (4th August 2015) – My name in the list of 100 most important women in the digital’s world in Italy. A great honor and a big responsibility.

Digital Champions (24th aprile 2015) – Meeting of Digital Champions of Pidmont with Riccardo Luna.

Radio Gold Alessandria (19th february 2015) – An article about presentation of Coderdojo course and digit.ALE logo.

Il Piccolo of Alessandria (10th febbraio 2015) – My new section where I’ll share simple answers at questions about web.

DiAlessandria (30th gennaio 2015) –  Evening dedicated to 3D printers. My name is in the article for my activity like Digital Champion.

Digital Champions (21st January 2015) – The answers on the internet and digital from thousands of passionate experts. My tips about blog.

Economy Up – (29th December 2014) – An article about me in relation to young people in 2014 stood out. Arduino, Coderdojo, Digital Champion, … there is everything!

Alessandria News (11st december 2014) – Article about my appointment as Digital Champion. Is presented to the event and a bit of my projects and my ideas.

Radio Gold (11 december 2014) – The press conference with the presentation of the event as Digital Champions to coworking of Alexandria.

Corriere AL (11st december 2014) – Article about my appointment as Digital Champion, on my robot and Coderdojo.

La Stampa (10th december 2014) – An interview about my appointment as Digital Champions, my projects and my ideas. There is also talk of my blog.

Il Piccolo of Alessandria (5th december 2014) – Marcello Feola interviewed me as Digital Champions of the City of Alessandria.

Digital Champions (22nd november 2014) – My bio on the official website Digital Champions with my appointment as Digital Champions for the Alessandria’s town.

Ansa (21st november 2014) – Statement on the appointment of the first 100 Digital Italian Champions in the presence of the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Youtube (21st november 2014) – Video of the official presentation at the Temple of Hadrian in Rome of the first 100 Digital Champions. I come call at minute 3:50 with the compliments of Riccardo Luna to my parents.

Corriere della Sera (21st november 2014) – The presentation in Rome of the first 100 Digital Italian Champions. I am the youngest appointed.

Prima online (21st november 2014) – Presentation of the first 100 Digital Champions. Even here there is my name.

Notiziario Italiano (21st november 2014) – Appointed the first 100 Digital Italian Champions. The digital revolution “door to door”, there was also the Premier Matteo Renzi.

Huffington Post (20th november 2014) – Appointment of the first 100 Digital Italian Champions. We will have a digital evangelist for each municipality. (20th november 2014) – 8000 digital ambassadors in Italy presented by Matteo Renzi and Riccardo Luna. My brief interview.

Corriere Comunicazioni (20th november 2014) – Riccardo Luna presents the first 100 Digital Champions. The objective is to arrive at one for each Italian town.

Wall Street Italia (20th november 2014) – Appointed the first 100 Digital Champions Italian, the Association.

Startup Italia (20th november 2014) – Still on the presentation of the first 100 Digital Champions. I come here presented as bloggers.

Yahoo Finanza (20th november 2014) – Appointed the first 100 Digital Champions Italian, my name near two other teenagers.

Contatto News (20th november 2014) – Presentation of the first 100 Digital Champions, the digital as leverage to grow.

Crowd Innovation (20th november 2014) – Post on the event of the appointment of the first 100 Digital Italian Champions at the Hadrian’s Temple among which is also my name.

Dao Campus (20th november 2014) – The first 100 Digital Champions, more than 8000 people to tell the opportunities of internet.

Cafè TV24 (29th october 2014) – My participation as a blogger in the path of Oriental Venice.

Coderdojo Milano (28th october 2014) – A post I wrote on my speech in Rome, where, during the Week Code, I presented “my creation”, the robot built with Arduino.

Dol’s Magazine (17th october 2014) – A post on my speech to the European Representation in Italy, where, as a ninja of Coderdojo, I presented “my creature”: an intelligent robot made with Arduino.

CodeIT in Roma (16th ottobre 2014) – Il programma della manifestazione ufficiale sul sito dell’ Agid, con il mio nome indicato come rappresentante ninjia del Coderdojo.

Armando Aliprandi (13rd June 2014) – The video of my first interview.

Spezio (12nd May 2014) – Favourite destinations of teens. There is also my project of journey.

Plurale (30th April 2014) – Interesting post about school and web.
Indigeni Digitali gruppo Facebook  (29th April 2014) – I ask help them for my exams at school.

Luca Parmitano (13rd March 2014) – He answers at my question.

Play Ground around the corner (26th January 2014) – Swing in Nepal.

Play Ground around the corner (3rd January 2014) – Another playground in Faroe Islands.

Play Ground around the corner (6th March 2014) – A playground in Austria.

Mammafelice – I bambini credono a Babbo Natale (13rd December 2013) – Tips to meet Santa Claus in Rovaniemi in Finland.

Patato Friendly (15th February 2013) – Interview about travel, family, place,…

Bimbi e Viaggi (10th February 2013) – A guest post about my travel in Finland.