In Rio de Janeiro with the young people of WYD 2013

Today in Rio de Janeiro starts the WYD 2013, even if these three letters probably don’t say much to the most part of the people.

It’s the World Youth Day (WYD), an event that makes millions of young people all over the world merge in Brazil. Then it’s impossible to count the ones like me that cannot attend directly but will follow the event at a distance: it will end with the Vigil and the Mess of Pope Francis on the 27th and 28th of July.

So, today’s post is different from usual. Actually it’s different for many reasons:

  • It deals about a journey, as always. But this time, besides to be a moving of several kilometres and in faraway places, it’s first of all an inner journey.


  • It’s a faith journey. Yeah, many readers don’t agree no offense means. But today the faith is the centre of this post.
  • It’s a journey that I’m not having, unfortunately, but I follow it at a distance on the social networks, through really many updates allowing us to experience some views of this event.
  • It’s a journey I was lucky to have in the past. A journey that keeps in the heart. After this you are not the same person than before. This journey is course, growth and maturity, question, search, doubt. A journey looking for a direction. A journey that is mainly a calling.
  • Then it’s an unusual post because every day, this week, from today till the end it will stop the usual publication of the other posts to be in the centre of the blog. It will be updated every day with “little pieces” of WYD and of experiences caught online.

Credits: Giornata Mondiale della Gioventù – pagina facebook

It’s useless to spend thousands of words trying to infect the emotions, the experiences, the spread far and wide. The WYD can only be experienced but we’ll try to get closer a bit by this way.

The first WYD dates back 1986 in Rome (where it will return in 2010 for the Jubilee). John Paul II invited the young people to Rome. The attendance and the answer he got from them was beyond expectations. So it was born the adventure that today sees Brazil as home country.

Until now they are “technicalities”.

But what’s really the WYD and what does push many young people of the world to be on their way invited by the Pope?

It’s difficult, actually impossible, to answer this question. Everyone leaves for the WYD with his own personal history, his own maturity (and immaturity), his own right deal of unconsciousness, as well as his own load of questions. Above all with his own answers.

What we experience is different for each of us. First of all it’s a shared faith experience.

Credits: Mons. Guido Gallese – pagina facebook

Many friends left from Alexandria with the Bishop Mons. Giudo Gallese. Daily they bring us up to date about what they live, their experience, their meetings, making us feel part of this WYD a bit. Here they are at the arrival at São Luis Airport.

Casa Italia is the landmark for Italian people, for every need. The volunteers offering their time, their skills, their days and their efforts for the good success of the event are really many.

What else? You can find easily on the web the social networks. And we from Italy can only wait for the next appointment that will return in Europe wishing to be there, not only virtually.

Everyone has a good WYD!

Credits: Mons. Guido Gallese – pagina facebook

Update Day 2 – FB page of Mons. Guido Gallese. We left when it was dark and we’ve arrived in Brazil 11hours after and it’s still dark. (…) this long night makes mewonder: when we go away from sun the night no longer finishes.

Update Day 3 – Facebook page of Mons. Guido Gallese. The Gospel is definitely more beautiful to see instead of reading it. Why during a day of WYD we already see it and at home it’s difficult to see our beloved Gospel? Maybe because at home we create a few systems of comfort and safety instead here we go out from everything and we stake ourselves. We have to remember it!

Update Day 7This morning everybody up at 5.30 to face an experience leaving a deep rift in our hearts: the female prison. We start perhaps from the sweeter part: the prison nursery where mothers live with their new-born babies, which with their tenderness make human even a so shocking place like prison is. I don’t dare thinking about the day the mothers will be separated from their own child…(…) Pray for these women: they are suffering a lot.

credits: Mons. Guido Gallese – pagina facebook

Emanuela’s profile: WYD day 3-4. Two really rich days, together with the people, in the communities, among the houses, along the streets…in prison. Among dances, praises, prayers and joy, in spite of “nothing” and maybe thanks to nothing. Among the eyes full of hope and keen of God.

22/07/13 Pope Francis is arrived in Rio. Here it is his speech:

Twitter: @pontifex_it : “I am arriving in Brazil in a few hours and my heart is already full of joy because soon I will be with you to celebrate the 28th WYD”

Facebook page of World Youth Day: “Children are the apple of our eyes” what about us if we don’t care of them? ‪#‎BemVindo ‪#‎JMJEuvou ‪#‎GMG ‪#‎Rio2013

The WYD 2013 has opened officially.

credits: Giornata Mondiale della Gioventù – pagina facebook

#‎Bagnasco: “What’s the quality of life? The quality of life is being inside the love relationships”  ‪#‎CatequeseJMJ ‪#‎Rio2013‪#‎JMJ ‪#‎GMG

Live with the Italian People Party, Chiara Luce Badano’s parents: she was chosen among the intercessors of this #‎GMG

“You have only one life and it’s worthwhile to spend it well”. Press Maria Theresa, mother of the Blessed.

#‎PapaFrancesco‬: Looking out to this sea and the beach and all of you I am reminded of the moment Jesus called first disciples ‪#‎PontifexRio‪#‎GMG ‪#‎JMJ

‪#‎PapaFrancesco‬: if we want life has a real meaning and fulfilment: “Put on faith” and your life will take on a new flavour… “Put on hope” and every one of your days will be enlightened and your horizon will no longer be dark but luminous… “Put on love” and your life will be like a house built on rock… “Put on Christ” and you will see the wings of hope spreading and letting your journey with joy towards the future… “Put on Christ” and your life will be full of his love and will be a fruitful life…


“Go, without fear, to serve”.




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