The spectacular Rome by bike!

Rome by bike vatican

After Coderdojo in Milan, I’d like to remain in Italy. Today I want to tell you about one of my short holiday in Rome.

Rome by bike our groups

Rome by bike

In the morning we went to see the Vatican Museum with a nun who explained us the relationship between art and faith in a very interesting way. Of course, we only saw one of the museums, a small part, but the visit was at the top.

We first went to a place with the support of video and pictures we were shown a lot of curiosity about the Sistine Chapel.

Rome by bike vatican sistine chapel

Sistine Chapel

After learning many interesting details, we finally stepped inside. It ‘was really a unique experience. The frescos are spectacular, inside you can not talk and unfortunately you can stop just short.

A little because there really is to do a lot of stuff, a little’ because they are truly endless tourists who want to enter. A lot of people from all over the world who come to admire this masterpiece.

Rome by bike vatican

In St. Peter’s Basilica we admired the Pietà by Michelangelo and the whole cathedral. Inside there are a lot of statues and frescoes, each with its own story. A year would not be enough here to know everything. The dome then you should know that it is really high.

Rome by bike duecentogradi lunch

For lunch we ate at Duecento Gradi a place that I recommend to you really, just near. They make a lot of really yummy sandwiches.

Rome by bike fountains of villa borghese

Villa Borghese

In the afternoon we rented bikes and went for a ride to the Villa Borghese. Given the hot it me and my cousin we had the possibility  to bathe in the fountains and splash with water.

Rome by bike villa borghese

We cycled a lot in the afternoon around Rome and my cousin … look at that photo he want to do!

Rome by bike spagna's square

Square of Spain from above and from below. By bike it really takes a little to move.

Rome by bike groups

Here the whole group in front of Castel Sant’Angelo in Trastevere a really nice neighborhood that I liked, full of bars and restaurants.

Rome by bike vatican apartments

Finally we arrived at our apartment. It was very late. We were wrong road and ended up cycling on the Janiculum. A huge effort! If you decide to go around Rome by bike … double check the maps!

Rome by bike vatican

It was a day full of excitement and fun. My cousin and I were always the first and we laughed so much for the last. Rome is really a beautiful city!

Rome by bike

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