I met Santa Claus in Finland!

February. And this time where we went on vacation? Are you thinking of warm seas and exotic locations? All right. You are mistaken. I told you that my parents are crazy! And then with -30 ° we go on holiday in Finland. Here we see the Rovaniemi Santa Claus Village at night. I was went there already when I was very small so I could not remember anything. I must tell you that it is really fabulous! It so beautiful that almost makes you forget the cold … actually, no! It is not true. The cold here is dreadful!

In the village of Santa Claus we went to slip on a chute made ​​entirely of ice. It will be something a bit ‘corny, but I loved it! The village was deserted and all full of colored lights in all forms. A unique atmosphere! This is below the line of the Arctic Circle, because the village is crossed right in the middle!

The next morning we returned, to enter, in the daytime, in the home of Santa Claus. The house was huge and gorgeous. Everything in there is huge: tables, cabinets, books, …

At the entrance there is a Santa’s elf with whom I took a picture. They are just the elves to help Santa in the preparation of gifts and all the people who work at the resort are dressed as elves: whether you enter a shop, whether you walk into a bar.

At the entrance to Santa’s house there is a huge room full of huge mechanisms. It a huge clock that stops the rotation of the Earth, and therefore the time to Santa Claus to deliver presents to all the world’s children in one night. Given how simple the explanation to the question that we have all the facts “how?”. Just come here to Rovaniemi to understand it! 🙂

I was very happy with this place. When we entered the room where there was a Santa Claus in person, I could to even sit next to him to take a picture. He even asked me what my name is in Italian, where I come from and how old I am!

Santa Claus gave me a adhesive of his village. The photo on the other hand do not have it … my mom and dad refused to buy it because according to them had an exaggerated cost (they called it “immoral” to be precise!).

Actually here … it’s all very touristy … but so so beautiful!

In this photo we are in the Post Office Santa Claus. Yes, you should know that there is a real Post Office which will also print the stamps. Here many elves work all year that read and respond on behalf of Santa Claus to letters from children all over the world.

You can write to Santa and he will answer you … obviously this also has a much higher cost!

It ‘really was a day full of entertainment. It ‘a place of fantasy, we all know that does not exist and it is true that it is very touristy and not cheap … but if you go around here you can not miss a day so special here, right in the village of Santa Claus!

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