1, 2, 3 Science under the bell tower. Refrancore (AT) – 2015

Science under the bell tower valeria cagnina and robot

During the last weekend I had the honour to be invited to Refrancore (Asti) with my little robot in occasion of the event “1,2,3 Science under the bell tower”.

I was assigned a whole class where I showed my robot realized with Arduino to many people of many different age, from children, even the little ones, to grandparents.

My robot bewitched everyone, of any age. The children were around it trying to make it go where they wanted, while adults asked me a barrage of questions about how I could realize it alone.

Everyone asked me about my future projects and a bit everyone thought I was only nerd, so I tried to explain them that I do a lot of other things in my life.

The whole event was dedicated to really many aspects of the scientific world.

Science under the bell tower valeria cagnina and robot

Science under the bell tower

There was a classroom with a boy who realized a 3D printer, a Prusa i2.

In another classroom it was possible to see the insect’s grubs under a microscope and lots of curiosities about the mosquitoes’ world were explained.

Then I met a few young people in the third junior class of that school explaining to me and showing me several projects they had realized with Rawsberry P.

In the junior high school of Refrancore, Roger gave life to extra school courses where he divided the pupils in groups and mixed the classes: he taught them a bit of programming with Python and realized really a lot of interesting projects.

They ranged from seismographs to stepper motors, from magnetic fields to games with rings and routes to follow…

I had the chance to meet also the young people of a High School in Asti who won the world competition “Zero Robotics” and they told about how their project has arrived at the ISS.

Do you remember I have a weakness for space and the International Space Station, don’t you?

What I liked most about Science Festival

Do you know what I liked most? To have met many young boys and girls of my age keen on technology and science!

Wherever I go people are always bigger than me. Instead this time they was also of my age!

Look at the result of my day watching the video below.

A heartfelt thanks to Richard and Maria for the very pleasant invitation and…see you next year!


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