Sestriere, Italy in a spring day.

A sunny day spring. A motivation to go and in a little over an hour we were already here, to admire from afar the Sacra of S. Michael.
A view so different from those of our last trip to Nepal…

sacra of san michele

Wonderful. But this isn’t our destination, maybe next time.


Sestriere and its mountains

We’re headed to Sestriere. The valley today is truly a sight with this sun and this mild temperatures.

valeria and Rhythmic Gymnastics

We came here for the competition of Rhythmic Gymnastics of Valeria.

valeria and Rhythmic Gymnastics

The rhythmic gymnastics has always been her passion and today the two individual competitions that await her are circle and tape.

valeria and Rhythmic Gymnastics

For me, the circle is fascinating. Hypnotic chase those ephemeral drawings that creates its movement.

valeria and roberto Rhythmic Gymnastics

At the end of the competiotion Roberto goes quickly to deliver the rose that he brought from home, just for her.

valeria and liliana Rhythmic Gymnastics

Don’t even think to escape so, Valeria! Now I want it too the picture with the rose!

valeria and silvia Rhythmic Gymnastics

The award ceremony will be only this evening, but a picture with Silvia, who has coached with perseverance and always keeping an eye to the educational aspect in his words and in his actions, it will be a good omen. Third place. On the podium! Good!

Sestriere’s restaurant

Sestriere this season is deserted. Unrecognizable from a few months ago, in the middle of ski season. For this reason is the most authentic and true, without hordes of tourists who flock to one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world.

Restaurant du Grand Pere

The only drawback that the bar and restaurants are all closed. It’s very difficults to find one open for a “polentino” as we say in our country. We go down a bit and downstream in a small village very pretty, we find the Restaurant du Grand Pere. The furnishings are meticulously manicured, the dining room is cozy and intimate. The dishes are really delicious.

Restaurant du Grand Pere

Both the polenta that the shin. Tastes and flavors well valued. Unfortunately not cheap … 60 euro for two polenta, 1 shin and a mini-bottle (3.75) of Dolcetto, are too much. But you know: in this area, the low cost doesn’t exist. There are also the wine bottles that far exceed 1,000 euro!

Restaurant du Grand Pere

Walking in a old village

After lunch, a walk in the village offers some really interesting views.

walking in the village

This picture I love it. The man was looking me puzzled while pretending a selfie and photographing him.

walking in the village

I love the mountains. In summer as in winter. In all seasons these views relax me.

sestriere the mountains

On days like this the clouds create fascinating light effects. I wouldn’t come away from these places ever.

sestriere the mountains

The marmots in Sestriere

I think these landscapes as they were only a few months ago. The area that allows you to ski for hours and hours.

marmots in sestriere village

While we’re here, sit we admire “the toothed glittering peaks” of Carducci’s memory, that’s the nature surprises us, as only she can do.

marmots in sestriere village

We are probably against wind, they not feel our smell and haven’t noticed us. They leave the den to feed and turn looking in all directions.

marmots in sestriere village

We take rapidly dozens of photos, knowing that at any moment they’ll escape.

marmots in sestriere village

No. They run, eat, jump, …

marmots in sestriere village

And the best pictures when both are raised.

marmots in sestriere village

They are wonderful. Now we can go home satisfied. A concert at the Citadella in Alessandria awaits us this evening between pageants, Conservatory and Alpine choir. The anthem of Italy is the backdrop to this photo. Did you know that true Alessandria is not only famous for mosquitoes, but also one of the most impressive fortresses in Europe? If you think it’s too much this definition for the Citadella, look at the inside of one of the bastions. It is a spectacle with its perfect acoustics!

cittadella of alessandria

We come back home with so many considerations, first of all thought that these  “sweethearts” days, reminds us of the times that seem far away, before Valeria was born. We were very good, but at the same time so much was missing his presence (although we probably wouldn’t be able to see the marmots with all his talks!). In the heart  the knowledge that these days will become more frequent and that Valeria is growing quickly, and soon she will go.

With the only hope for us as parents, to be able, not to prepare the way of life, but to teach her how to best face any road that life will present in front!


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