Spa and wellness: a paradise in Stuttgart.

Spa and wellness


Spa and wellness centres: if you paid attention you already know I have a weak point about these paradises. Germany and Austria are definitely the best…perhaps in the world. Did you read my post about Jagdhof hotel, didn’t you?

We are in Stoccarda, in Germany. We are going into an extraordinary place where luxury is within everyone’s reach: there are lots of thermal baths and wellness centres here but Schwabenquellen is a real thermal paradise.

Follow me! You will never regret it! I’m sure you are going to plan this trip shortly.

Spa and wellness pool

Going into these thermal baths and wellness centres means set out on a journey through 18 countries, a trip about saunas, ceremonies, lagoons, relax areas, hydro massages, emotional showers, settings that satisfy both body and mind…

From the outside you can mistake it for one of the many office buildings in the area. Your impression will be not to go into thermal baths and wellness centres but at the first reception we have a little taste about its greatness.

The 7 sisters

Canadian Sauna

Stately in the outside, whole carved wood, it is the warmest in the entire thermal park. Particularly appreciated the events, the “ceremonies” where you can totally enjoy sauna benefits made by the staff using the ice.


One little clarification: this is a naturism place so photos are forbidden. The ones in this post are not ours, differently from other times. These photos are the ones you can find in the official website of the thermal baths. 

Spa and wellness sauna

Balinese Sauna

Herbal sauna in a setting suffused with lights ideal for meditation and relaxing. The events are focused on herbs, too.

Spa and wellness sauna bali

Finnish Sauna

It can’t miss, of course. Particularly suitable for people who want sweat breathing woods scents.

Spa and wellness finnish sauna


I have to tell you that this place doesn’t have much about Tibetan reality and our thermal baths and wellness centres we experienced in Nepal. Anyway, the sweet Tibetan background music, candles and prayer wheels call up those so far-off destination.

Spa and wellness tibet


Maya’s temple. Here the humidity is increasing in order to help sweating. Soft lights, sweet music and warm colours will make you stay totally relaxing.

Spa and wellness amazonia

Tyrolese sauna

The atmosphere calls up our mountains in a sauna with 80°. Here you sweat in plenty and the aromatic infusions are automatic.

Spa and wellness tyrolese sauna


This area is for women only. Many thermal baths and wellness centres show women a maniacal attention. You can feel like Cleopatra here. Very carefully setting in a surreal world. There are sumptuous pillows and beds that will make you dream.

Spa and wellness egypt

Steam baths


Warm and high humidity relax and purify. Scents’ mixtures are released in the area in order to revitalize body and mind.

Spa and wellness caldarium

Turkish bath

You are swallowed by “The Arabian Nights” magical atmosphere. Did you remember we already experienced it in Morocco? It’s another story here. Let you caught by the magic of this place.

Spa and wellness turkish bath

The salt grotto

Our skin is the undiscussed protagonist and the herb’s scent envelops the respiratory system. In the hall you can find small salt glasses you can use to make a skin-peeling treatment. The result will be a smooth and scented skin. A must you can’t miss!

Spa and wellness

The Grotto of Tikal

We are received under a romantic starry sky by the great purple amethyst which has countless properties. Your stress will be certainly driven out..

Spa and wellness

Turkish Ottoman Bath

We get into the Eastern reign. We are enveloped by its atmosphere and colours. Inside the Turkish bath there is a unique treasure: an integrated Jacuzzi to tone up the muscles.

Spa and wellness turkish ottoman bath


The dry warmth arrives from the walls and the heated benches. The ideal thing for people who don’t love sweat but want to be cuddled by the warmth.

Spa and wellness laconium


Advised to strength the immune system. Anatomic heated benches for a complete relax.

Spa and wellness tepidarium

Roses’ grotto

It’s a women’s environment and the pink colour lord it. You will be received by an enormous huge rose in the centre.

Spa and wellness

Relax areas

Africa Lodge

There’s Africa, too. We are received by local furniture, heated for totally comfort, water beds and a big baobab in the centre.

Spa and wellness africa lodge

The gold corner

Around the baobab we go down to Asia, in the depths of the rocks for a complete peace. Golden walls, silk curtains, golden threads with winding and harmonious bends.

Spa and wellness gold corner

Maya’s temple

We arrive in South Africa to be enveloped by the sounds of the tropical forest. We are swallowed by the luxuriant and strictly real vegetation. You can relax on comfortable beds heated by infrared rays at regular intervals. Or you can doze under small temples.

Spa and wellness maya temple

Japanese Lounge

We are taken so far by cubic elements, ideograms, paper windows…Decorations are made by a true Japanese calligrapher. They are a symbol of happiness, harmony, health, wisdom,…

Spa and wellness japanese lounge

Tropical swimming pool

At last but not least here is the tropical swimming pool. Are there any thermal baths and wellness centres where swimming pool isn’t there?

Stately in the central area, it has warm lagoon environments and comfortable inlets with massage streams. In a sunny day the great dome is opened to receive sun. Then when the sun go down the atmosphere become magic with soft lights to infuse more magic to this fairy environment.

There is also a salty water swimming pool. It allows the entrance outside: here you can be regenerated by powerful hydro massages streams. Then kneipp routes,  inside and outside separated baths and much more.

Spa and wellness tropical swimming pool


Advice and suggestions:

  • I don’t recommend you to go there at the weekend, due to crowding, of course. Instead I advise you to go on Monday. At present, day ticket is 24 Euros!
  • Naturism is only admitted here, like in many German thermal baths. Anyway, in some days you can wear swimsuit. The entrance is for women only in other ones.
  • Children under 6 are not admitted. Next to the building there’s a great facility where they can enjoy themselves. A qualified staff look after them.
  • There’s a self service area inside: you can taste light dishes and traditional German dishes, too. Average prices.
  • If you are never satisfied, there is a whole massage and treatments area. But I can tell you nothing about this: I never got into it!

So! Did I make you fall in love with these thermal baths and wellness centres?

I think so! Have a good relax!

Spa and wellness jacuzzi


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