Sunrise in Nepal: some wonderful pictures.

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Sunrise in Nepal has a different view, as in many other places.

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The world wakes up slowly, mostly tourists are still asleep and people begin their daily activities. Sunrise is the best time, not only to admire the beautiful Himalayas, but also to sight the animals.

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I think that sunrise in Nepal, as elsewhere, is an interesting and very unique approach to the real life in every country, a moment that unfortunately most people get lost because “at least on holiday I want to sleep.”

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I think otherwise: don’t need to go on holidays and spend money to sleep. When I travel I want to enjoy every moment.

What do you think of these pictures of sunrise in Nepal?

nepal (1790)

Sunrise at Chitwan begins soon. The sun is just came up and the men are already back from the jungle.

nepal (942)

The grass, still wet, will serve to feed the elephants. The photos stain very particular with the first rays of the sun.

nepal (957)

nepal (946)

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. I find wonderful this scene of the mother with the puppy back from the jungle.


A walk at the edge of the jungle allows us to capture surreal atmospheres…

nepal (960)

… and considerations of a teenage daughter fascinated by animals.

nepal (1012)

Did you know that some children go to school using this transport?

nepal (1022)

A few dry twigs may be very important here.

nepal (1190)

Also a bit of milk in metal container.

nepal (1207)

The trees on the street are noisy: infinite parrots fill the branches.

nepal (1303)

High in the sky fly huge eagles.

nepal (1461)

In the mountains you are greeted by yaks with their typical grunts.

nepal (1681)

The children who don’t go to school, or perhaps – unfortunately – there will never go, play in the streets having fun, oblivious of our considerations.

nepal (2216)

At temple some people praying with tantric and repetitive movements.

nepal (2313)

In some cities the market wakes up very early, creating chaotic confusion.

nepal (2999)

Here we have a straggler!

nepal (3116)

The restaurants are already beginning to prepare lunch.


While someone thinking at toilet in this particularly hot day of late autumn. Of course, in the street, because here the running water in the home is nonexistent.


Then there are the safari parks, which always start too late.

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