Tent camp to spend the night in the Sahara.

Spend the night in a tent camp in the Sahara desert is an experience worth trying.

After living the desert and tried our first tented camp (luxury tent camp!) thanks to Sahara Services, we decide that we really like and so, rather than leave the desert and proceed for imperial town like we had in mind, we decided to go to find another place in the desert, and so here we’re at Yasmina.

I will never stop saying. That’s the beauty of the holidays ontheroad without any reservation: we do what we want, where we like to stop and in another place we go elsewhere!

This second tent camp, despite having many similarities with the previous one, is profoundly different.

Maybe a little less luxurious but more practical.

The bathrooms aren’t privates in every tent like the other tent camp, but this is equipped with fresh water.

The thing that fascinates us about this experience is that in the tent camp tonight, we are only eight.

Yes, it’s right: we’re three, a couple of Dutch grandparents who travel by bike and a young couple on their honeymoon in South Africa, in addition to the boy who accompanies usin the tent camp.

The tranquility of the desert can’t be programmed or subject to reservations, but to found it, it’s really fantastic!

Obviously the days in the desert tent camp are articulated in a similar way.

welcome aperitif accompanied by berber tea, also called berber beer or berber  whiskey, the sunset from the dunes. Valeria never resists, with the result that invariably fill the sand bed!

It seems that since we arrived in Morocco, she just can’t sleep without the sand in the bed!

The excellent dinner served us comes directly from Yasmina and then the rhythm of drums and berber songs.

A short walk just outside the tent camp to listen the silence of the desert and see the dark with sounds of camels that brought us here and the cold is immediately felt.

We go to sleep early because tomorrow morning, of course, the alarm sounds at the tent camp before dawn, to be able to enjoy it from the top of the dunes.

Yeah, it’s still really cold, I think you understand to see clothing.

The desert is so. Beautiful to look at, but impossible to live. In any season for 12 hours you suffer from the heat and for another 12 hours and you suffer the cold.

That’s all!

Soon comes the time of come back. The hours run fast in these places so relaxing and unusual for us tourists, and the camels are ready to take us back to Yasmina.

Here the perfect organization assures us breakfast and the chance to take a shower, although theoretically the time of our check-out has passed.

Despite being full, there aren’t the formalisms of our country.

Even the swimming pool is available to us for the whole day.

Of course, we will take the opportunity to relax until the last time and get some rest.

We still have a long way and this evening we’ll take a night bus to Fez.

Bus that I think never see any tourists, but the perfect trip is to immerse yourself in the local population.

Check mail using the wifi and go to our next destination!



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