The visit to Cern, Geneva: research and innovation

The visit to Cern, Geneva entrance

The visit to Cern, Geneva, is a trip a bit different from the ones we have sometimes and that you find in the dedicated section. This visit allow to see with one’s own eyes the excellences of research and innovation.

Dario Edotti tell us about it. He is a friend met on the web – for the time being. He’s a #realtraveller: he travelled all over the world and every day publishes lots of photos of the most out-of-the-way places. It’s a pleasure to look at them: they make the day a bit less grey. He is a thousand interest and a resourceful person. He is able even to enchant me by his space and planets photos. But let him tell personally about this experience.

The visit to Cern, Geneva Dario Edotti

The visit to Cern, Geneva

Our visit to Cern preceded the Higgs boson discovery. The researchers were already closed to the result and the question was to find by way of experiment that primordial particle that Higgs had assumed theoretically.

During our visit we saw with our own eyes that the research doesn’t have any timetables set. The researchers stay here day and night, there in front of their studies, their monitors, their results. A very delicate research. Any mistake could have dramatic consequences.

We are shown lots of filmed sequences explaining the matter and then the universe origin and the existence of the cosmic rays that hit us all the time.

Studies and researches

We find out to be only at the beginning of the matter and antimatter’s study. The matter is only 25% of what was produced during the big bang!

Then exist the dark matter and the corresponding dark energy, but people know nothing  about these yet.

The day slipped by. We visited only the higher part, since the bottom one is forbidden because it’s highly radioactive: it is the real heart of the experiments.

The visit to Cern, Geneva entrance

We visited the operation centre: here the collisions data are processed. In this room it seems to be on a space station, on a new planet…it’s a feeling beyond description!

We are shown the entrance of the particles accelerator and also a lot of filmed sequences, one more interesting than the other. The personnel explains us some very complicated subjects in a simple way. Then our questions: they answered patiently.

The visit to Cern, Geneva accelerating science

In a video is reconstructed all what happens when protons collide. Then data are processed and people try to work out what happens during collision and what is left. The filmed sequences are realized by great skill but with the aim to explain and make understand even to the uninitiated the most difficult notions.

Scientists and humility

We have the honour to have lunch at their canteen. You must see it! What a canteen! A real crossroads: really lots of physicians from all over the world have lunch with us.

What is the thing that most affected me? A scientist statement about how you can discover the humility worth inside Cern. It’s strange to hear something like that, even more if it is told by one of the very high minds. This is the most important teaching I bring home.

At Cern humility means to share what people know because people have to be always ready to help other people. Here today we experienced it personally.

The visit to Cern, Geneva office

Our visit continue. We are shown the different assumptions about how that little but enormous energy form so condensed was there. Then the great enigma that caused the explosion.

There are really many theories. One of them assumes that a universe already had existed then it made the reversal from condensed matter into energy. The same thing happens when a supernova explodes and then condenses itself in a little mass but that has an extraordinary energy. Is left “only” to discover where is the missing mass: it’s about 80%. It exists but people can’t see it.

The visit to Cern, Geneva office research

People think that around the galaxies there’s a mass halo that reveals itself only if there’s gravity: people can’t see it so it’s named dark matter. During our visit to Cern, we were explained that they also search for both this dark matter and the dark energy that they assume can be the origin of the end of the universe.

They study the indecipherable black holes, too, where don’t exist either space or time.

Great emotions

Our visit to Cern, Geneva, can’t be told but through the emotions experienced that day: deep emotions and charge with meaning. That impression to be there, suspended in time, inside a spaceship travelling in space.

The visit to Cern, Geneva office research

Then the filmed sequences: the thought about the boundlessly little which has generated all what we see and all that one we can’t see goes beyond our scope. Sometimes we feel small and insignificant, other times we feel part of a universal set.

Scientists take you away one after another in a sci-fi film. This is Cern, Geneva. Great emotions and great pride moments: the chance to experience there unique moments during your life, in that tunnel where is reproduced what happened during the Big bang.

The honour to say:

That day I was at Cern, too!

The visit to Cern, Geneva office and building research

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