Tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport

Sometimes we travel for people and not for places

It’s just what happened to me. A touch and go without having the chance to visit and explore how usually I love to do.

I won’t tell you about a quick tour of the town, of course, or about those two-three nice things I saw. Too less.

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Travelling doesn’t mean to put little flags on a geographic map. To talk about places, time has not to be set aside. To write about them you have to know and this is a sense of responsibility to me, as you know well. You as readers are always the heart of this blog so I put off to next time, when I’ll have the time to travel and know, the tips for travelling to Romania and tell you about what I’ve seen.

But I want to tell you some practical aspects that I’m sure will be useful if you are planning to travel to Romania. If you aren’t planning it…have a good laugh with me reading what happened to me! Here are my tips for travelling to Romania!

Tips for travelling to Romania. Bacau airport

Let’s start from the flight. Blue Air to Bacau. (it leaves both from Turin-Caselle Airport and from Bergamo Orio al Serio International Airport). I’ve already chosen other times this airline company since it has really very good and low cost prices and I must say I always got on well with it despite what we read sometimes (even if this time the flight was a quite late on the outward journey).

You think that with less then 50Euros you fly Blue Air Turin-Rome there and back. Not bad, isn’t it? So, what are the tips for travelling to Romania? Always check their prices!

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The staff was always very kind and every time, despite the flight was full, each hand luggage was embarked. They were never very rigorous about 1-2cm and unlike the other low cost companies, they don’t embark only a certain number, but each.

Only paper printed check-in is accepted but it’s possible to do it free at their desks. These are very important aspects you have to consider when you choose the airline company, above all if more low-cost companies make the same route. It’s one of the most important tips for travelling to Romania.

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport church inside

Landing in Bacau among stadium chants and prayers

On our arrival to Bacau a curious aspect occurred.

Landing I hadn’t hear clapping for some time. Here not only a clap starts but downright stadium chants for the Captain start while many women cross themselves repeatedly and pray for the perfect landing occurred! It happened both on the outward journey and on the return one.

Renting a car in Bacau, Romania

Renting a car it was a full marks experience. I rented on Rentalcars, as I often do since I had that problem at Naples airport.

The call center solved my mistake in a second and without additional amounts. Then it respected quickly the contractual agreements over the complete coverage with total drop of the deductible and in a very short time it credited again to me the extra amount paid.

Time is very important and a faultless service to the customer for what agreed upon often it’s worth it also some eventual Euros more to pay. I often don’t do even comparisons. In this case I rented with them a Klass Wagen company car.

Since I had reported my number flight, I found Claudio, a very kind guy, waiting for me on my arrival at the  airport, despite I was very late. Among the tips for travelling to Romania, this is one of the most convenient and practical aspects.

Total drop of the deductible over the rent

He explained everything to me, well and kindly, in a fluent English (a thing not too usual in this area). He defined precisely the explanations about damages and deductibles, making sure I had understood. Then we made the car check together (a new Polo, with few km, perfectly clean), he froze the amount agreed upon on my card asking me if I had quite funds to not find myself in troubles during the journey. At last he gave me his mobile phone number for any need.

Tips for travelling to Romania? Always have a contact person for any needs!

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport in town

Here, too, I purchased the total coverage with drop of the deductible with Rentalcars, so I didn’t buy again with them what it would be a double. They froze the deductible on my card and in case of any problems Rentalcars refunds. What about some tips for travelling to Romania? Considering the roads and the conditions the drive by, always purchase the total drop of the deductible!

Keep in mid that often the drop of the deductible is suggested also by the local company, sometimes very insistently (like it happened to me in Ibiza) and usually with much higher amounts. Pay attention to not purchase and pay twice the same coverage.

Here in Romania with Klass Wagen the drop of the deductible’s amount was similar to the Rentalcars’ one and it didn’t have exaggerated amounts.

On Sunday morning Claudio arrived at the appointment at dawn, to give the car back, 5 minutes in advance: very rapidly and without any problem he made the check of the car and he immediately unfroze (it happens almost never!), in front of me, the amount on the credit  card cancelling the previous transaction.

Certainly a top service in case you need it. Really recommended!

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport

Arriving at and leaving from Bacau airport in Romania

Using Bacau airport is…how can I say…it’s difficult to find the right word…an experience!

It’s very small and old. On my arrival, just one only flight had landed, security checks are a bit exhausting, the uniformed staff didn’t speak English and practically all people present on the flight aren’t able to enter the room where the passports check is made. Who arrives after stays outside in the cold, waiting for the queue got moving.

On the contrary, my leaving from Bacau was unbelievable!

I arrive at 6am at the airport, an hour and half in advance. One only flight leaves, ours to Italy. In the whole day perhaps only 4 flights leave from that airport.

The queue for the security checks is endless. It’s hard to stay all inside the airport! Practically it’s static. There are about 8-9 people in charge for one only queue and one roll.

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport

Check-in for the boarding from Bacau

I wait in the queue a bit worried. I have already done the check-in online and I have printed it. We don’t move. After quite a bit the vocal message informs that the passengers of our flight have to go to the desk. There I am told the online check- in is not valid (!).

Sometimes it happens but usually the system doesn’t allow to do it. I have to do again the check-in and I am given the boarding card. I ask if a such queue is normal. I am answered “yes”: this morning a flight to London has already left! (Sic!)

Hours waiting for checks for only one flight leaving! But my adventure isn’t started yet!

I have got nothing. Nothing! I arrived the day before yesterday and I’m leaving today. Neither liquids nor materials not transportable. I haven’t even soups! Yeah, in the vocal messages they often repeat that soups cannot be transported!

I haven’t got even electronic devices but the Iphone in my pocket. I am only tired and I want to go home.

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport soups cannot be taken on board

Security checks at Bacau Airport in Romania

Before the check the people in charge make open luggage and take out all the electronic devices.

I take out my Iphone from my pocket to put it in the usual plastic box for the check. But the man makes me put it inside a trolley pocket. I am a bit puzzled since the other people are forced to take them out but he insists showing me the pocket of my trolley where to put it.

My luggage is passed but when it is out by now and I’m taking it back, I am stopped for a check.

I would have shoot my check to make you watch it! I am treated like probably one hundred years ago who wanted to escape Romania was treated. It seems here this morning these people haven’t realized to be in Europe and that Communism and dictatorship belong to another era!

The woman starts to fumble in my trolley there in front of everyone. Usually in Europe (it often happened to me) during every check I am asked to open and they make me take out things. Not here. Here she’s doing it.

The woman opens and take out things herself without any care. Something falls, she collects it, passes the map and everything is oaky. She empties completely the trolley on the roll and makes it pass again. Something falls again and she collects it again.

She gives me the little basket, I’m going to take it but she peremptorily order: Wait!

She repeats this scenes 3-4 times. She fumbles, passage, gives, “Wait!”, “I’ve told you to wait!”

She keeps passing my trolley and each time she opens and fumbles some more pockets. She opens the bag and the wallet, she fumbles among money and credit cards (is she counting them???), widens my panties and stockings, clean and dirty.

She arrives to a packet of sanitary towels and she separates them one by one, flaunty, always there in front of everyone.

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport in town

My panties are not perfectly checked, yet!

Meanwhile who I think is her superior arrives and together they keep the most deepen and efficient check of every peace present in my trolley I’ve ever seen…maybe weren’t  my panties perfectly checked, yet?

My impression is that they were looking for a way to make me protest so they would have had the excuse to make me miss the flight.

Of course I keep quiet and imperturbable but meanwhile I am looking always at my wallet, Iphone and the most expensive things very attentively. All this movements don’t convince me at all, above all after that already once, at Copenhagen airport (I repeat: Copenhagen!) a guy of the security had tried to steal me the Sector!

It takes me probably over 20 minutes to do the check. 20 minutes only for me. All the other people are in the queue waiting and looking without talking. It’s obvious that here it’s better not to complain. I wonder whether it is to avoid to suffer the same thing.

Another Italian woman travelling alone suffers more or less my own treatment. I don’t know whether we are the only Italian people on the flight. What are the tips for travelling to Romania? Bucharest airport is 300km far. If you are in a hurry perhaps it’s better to opt for that. It’s bigger and such scenes should be more limited.

The boarding card isn’t seen by anybody

Once got past the checks we arrive to the gate, to the only one gate of the airport. The chairs available are less than the half of the seats on the flight. We wait crushed, stand among the lines. At some point the glass doors open and we get on the bus.

Any check of the boarding card, any screen for the info. On the other hand if only our flight leaves…Anyway, my boarding card, once issued, wasn’t checked by anybody!

Getting on the plane I ask where the flight is to, just to be sure (I wouldn’t find myself in Siberia considering the premises!)! The air hostess confirms to me my destinations.

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport in town orthodox church inside

Is it this Europe?

All this only makes me laugh: I’ve taken my flight, I go back home. Fortunately I don’t have to do this route once a week and it doesn’t matter at all they make my personal belongings public by that way and by that impudence as…I don’t know. I’m speechless (and what I think cannot be written!)…Abuse of power? Delusion of position of power? Or precise purpose? I leave it to you.

What about the tips for travelling to Romania? Be prepared for everything, also to miss your flight for some tantrums!

But I wonder when at my place there’s a Romanian woman, maybe of a certain age, who has always lived in the village, taking the plane for the first time. Or maybe isn’t she so surprised since she has experienced the Romania of Communism?

Certainly the construction of the new airport won’t be enough – it has been in the works for several years and it seems it had already to be ready – to solve problems.

Until the uniformed people (and it applies in too many parts of the world, often in Italy, too) won’t convince themselves to be on citizens service and will use their role to help who uses the service, stopping who breaks law without treating all as delinquents, nothing will be able to improve.

Checks must be done and have to be done well…you…you are doing it bad!

Heads have to be changed. And it’s much more difficult than to build a new, modern and efficient airport!

Meanwhile I wonder: but what about these people work at JFK???

tips for travelling to Romania Bacau airport in town church


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