The tour of NASA! A unique emotion for adults and children!

tour of NASA logo of Kennedy Space Center

As you know, during our long on the road in Florida I visited even the NASA!

So I tell you about my wonderful experience: the tour of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center.

tour of NASA logo of Kennedy Space Center

Spending a day there is really something that words and photos are not able to transmit. Several time while I was twitting from there by a very quick and free Wi-Fi, I felt a bit like Luca Parmitano while describing space he lacked right words.

I’ll try to do my best but you know I will never be able to infect you with the whirl of emotions I felt.

Tour of the NASA

We arrived there early in the morning to have a tour of NASA really in advanced of the opening because we couldn’t wait to enter (above all me…I woke up everybody at least one hour before the alarm clock!).

tour of NASA entrance decorated for Christmas

After the accreditation we listened to the American anthem: it’s very striking the patriotic spirit you can breathe here in the USA. We pass the metal detector and finally we are catapulted inside this “world”.

tour of NASA  rockets in the garden

We are welcomed by all the American rockets that have flew in space: they are really high and I felt so small…in comparison space is endless.

Immediately we go towards the bus tour to avoid the rush hours queues. The tour of NASA provides for passing next to the rockets’ launching pad: very striking!

tour of NASA pullmann for visit

There was also a moving ramp used to take the Shuttle from the building warehouse to the launching pad. It moved very slowly and it took several workers and engineers to attend the shifts. You think that just inside the Kennedy Space Center it was able to cover really many kilometres.

tour of NASA ramp of Shuttle

Trips to the Moon

Our tour of NASA goes on. Then the bus stops to make us get off inside a huge building entirely dedicated to the missions to the Moon.

After have watched several opening videos we go into an area where at the centre there’s the Apollo 11. A wonderful view. All around there are the explanations and the explanatory boards about how it was, about how it was built, about problems and solutions, and the mission’s history.

tour of NASA, it's Apollo 11

I also had the chance to talk with a NASA retired man who worked there in 1969. You think he was there when the first man landed on the Moon.

I asked him about how he was able to reach those levels, about his job and his duties at that time and above all about the actual professions there at NASA. You think he answered me that there are several Italian people working there where computer scientists are needed quite a lot.

I’m dreaming, I know…but I’d quite like to work at NASA!

tour of NASA, a lot of questions

One of the area that most bewitched me it was that one dedicated to the “little robot” used for the moon landing with its several prototypes that took to the projects’ settlement and its several models. I also really would like to construct a little robot able to go in space.

Maybe one day it will be done simply starting from the development of a drone! It would be not bad at all!

tour of NASA,the robot of the moon landing

Then we came back to the main building complex and we went to visit the area dedicated to the Shuttle where there are really many interactive games and a flight simulator, too!

tour of NASA, big rockets

I assure you the tour of NASA and the Kennedy Space Center flies by. We explored one pavilion after the other, without stopping to eat either: certainly we didn’t have time to waste!

tour of NASA, the control room when the man landing on the moon

One of the areas is dedicated to ISS, the International Space Station I already told you about. Do you remember, don’t you? Well, see it there it’s another thing and the video, too, is absolutely interesting in spite of reporting a bit old data.

tour of  NASA, international space station ISS

Before going out we also went to visit the area dedicated to the robots. I left it for the end because it is the one which most interested me. It really left me gaping.

You think that directly the robots told and showed the pavilion. The atmosphere catapulted you literally to the future. It was beyond description! Then that writing repeated as a mantra: we want you!

tour of  NASA, to the launch ramp

Going out it is already dark and the rockets light being silhouetted against the sky with distinctive atmosphere and fascination. A touch in addition our tour of NASA gave us.

tour of NASA, the garden of the rockets at night, illuminated

In short, a perfect day spent at the best, rich in knowledge and technology. I advise everyone to have a tour of NASA because it is suited for all age groups: it’s impossible to get bored in this place!

tour of NASA, the international space station ISS

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