Tourism in Venice: paths in Oriental Venice

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Our blog tour Paths in Oriental Venice allowed us discover an unusual tourism in Venice and bring home lots of feelings, discoveries and lands’ peculiarities which are “behind our home” and that we often don’t know. It was just so for me!

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16 municipalities gave life to this ambitious project in the oriental lagoon of Veneto to promote in Venice another type of tourism that is not only famous for the most popular attractions.

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All these municipalities have something to offer to visitors who decide to be swallowed up by these lands to show that the area is not only beach and sea, as far as these ones are the features which attract tourists, the foreign ones in particular.

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Let you transport with villages’ peculiarities: you’ll discover that in Alvisopoli takes places a festival with the horizontal greasy pole.

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Do you know the little churches in country are often a surrounding during full of atmosphere academic concerts?

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The lagoon is wonderful…maybe you already noticed it due to the number of photos.

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If you haven’t had enough of it, enjoy this short video that let you savour with us the calm and slow navigation in the lagoon.

If you love boats as we love, or bicycle, or walks or horses you will discover a unique ecosystem: it’s worth it not stopping only to the classic tourism in Venice.

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It’s relaxing to glide placid on the waters, on board houseboat to enjoy the unpolluted nature. Or on board a little hired boat to live in contact with the local fauna few hours.

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Yeah, after have experienced the houseboat when I was in Holland, I think I’ll have to repeat here. I mistook me too thinking over tourism in Venice bring into focus only the city!

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Look who’s here! An acquaintance of ours who makes us feel like leaving again!

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By bicycle you will admire a land running at your speed. Once stopped, you can discover the sights of little villages like Lio Piccolo: it seems to come out from an old film but little by little it tries to recover its glories thanks to the improvement and restoration.

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You can have lunch break in one of the many farm holidays along the canals or directly in one of the casoni, the typical fishing huts: today they are protected but all to discover as they are practically unknown to the usual tourism in Venice.

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Some of them are well-preserved without electricity as at that time and you can have lunch inside. In other ones, extra luxury and with every kind of comfort, you can even stay: there’s the sauna, too.

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Unique meetings here in the lagoon.

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Little tourist fishing realities are arising, too. You must try it absolutely!

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Wineries  are the preferred tasting places, a riot of senses: during the grape harvest they give their best.

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While adults discover the matching of the most famous wines, children can enjoy themselves trying to harvest and tread the grapes.

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I think it’s unnecessary to tell you we went to the vineyards!

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Besides let you taste a very good wine, wineries are places perfectly integrated in the environment: restorations are really well made!

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Art and history lovers will find Concordia Sagittaria very interesting: it’s a place where all is ancient, each stone tells about the origins. Wandering around it you can discover remains everywhere.

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Do you like shopping? Towns and little restored villages are perfect for this and give their best.

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Caorle will surprise you: its thousand bright coloured building are a pleasure to photographers.

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Roberto always fell behind and we couldn’t carry him away! I don’t tell you about the moment he found this models’ reign. Typical boats perfectly reconstructed to hand down the way they were made.

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The art is one of the family here, too.

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In Portogruaro seems that swans swimming in the canals stay there so you can admire and photograph them.

Just in the centre there’s the famous bell tower recognizable from far away for its slant.

The mill with the wheel: when it turns you can feel a fresh sensation just listening to the roaring of the water.

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Caorline: the typical boats berth just in the centre to take you discover canals or for a romantic trip. Tourism also here in Venice knows only gondola but the hinterland and the lagoon are much more.

You can admire them from this little venues on the water drinking a spritz.

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A walk in the park among ancient trees, playgrounds and free Wi-Fi to make everyone happy.

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The thousands realities to discover are not finished yet.

Very interesting the visit to the lagoon’s farming: the little fishes are allowed to go into fish-ponds where they grow up by nets and locks. This system is nor natural either artificial.

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Man doesn’t feed fishes: they simply live and grow up in these fish-ponds as they would do everywhere in the lagoon. Some nets on the water defends them from raptors, sea crows especially: this is the only artificial element that leaps to the eye. Once the right size is achieved, they are caught directly. But it’s not an intensive farming.

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Anyway, surprises are not finished yet: thermae for whole family wellbeing and relax with a particular attention to children. The only thermal baths with shared men and women’s dressing rooms I have ever seen. No problem for those dads who wont take their little girls to the swimming pool and thermal bath on their own. Total comfort and convenience.


In a rainy day Sea life aquarium attract children of all ages and there’s even very good food for everyone.

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Or the countless beach volley and beach tennis challenges. Beach tennis became very popular here. It seems easy to play but never judge by appearances. Trust me!

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There are lots of activities and attractions I’m going to tell you about.

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Very interesting museums which will make discover history amusing adults and children. And various fishing methods, too.

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I finish with this photo I really love. I wonder whether it will really make you discover a different tourism in Venice and get here to visit oriental Venice!

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