Travel in Camargue. France. 25 pictures to inspire the trip.

Travel in Camargue flamingos

You can go in Camargue for nature. There are a lot the place in the world where nature offer the best, one of this is surly the Sri Lanka, but also in Europe there are a beautiful place.

Travel in Camargue flamingos

Travel in Camargue

Whether you love animals and landscapes, you’ll love Camargue.

Travel in Camargue flamingos

The flamingos are surely fascinating.

 Camargue flamingos flight

The flamingos

Thousands and thousands of flamingos everywhere. Very nice to see them in flight, so great and so majestic.

 Camargue flamingos flight

Absolutely a must to wake up at dawn.

Camargue flamingos

In the early morning they’re very close to main roads, before the traffic of tourists disturb them.

Camargue flamingos flight

It’s possible to see them so close while you sitting comfortably in the car.

Travel in Camargue flamingos

Unable to resist: the hours pass fast while you observe their movements and their comings and goings.

camargue flamingos n the lagoon

The sun comes and goes in these early days of autumn, creating plays light and unique colors.

 Camargue flamingos n the lagoon

The colors reflected itself in these turquoise waters.

camargue birdwatching

Flamingos are not the only inhabitants of the Camargue.

Travel in Camargue birdwatching

It ‘easy to admire a thousands different kinds of species. A paradise for birdwatching.

Art and culture

The Camargue is not just nature. It ‘also art and museums: we got here by chance, on the road, and we didn’t pay the admission because it was the day of European culture! My daughter Valeria is always very lucky and she shows us it every time!

Travel in Camargue cultural and history

The Camargue obviously expresses itself even with food.

Travel in Camargue food fresh fish

These pictures don’t need any comment!

 Camargue food fresh fish

There are a lot of places to enjoy the specialties of the sea. Not really low cost but not even with exaggerated prices.

Travel in Camargue the salines

The salines

Another scene don’t missed is what you see from the top of the salines.

 Camargue the salines

There is a well-marked terrace, it’s very easy to reach.

Travel in Camargue enviroment

Rivers, streams, marshes and sea,… there are a lot lanscapes offered by this corner of the world.

 Camargue enviroment

Obviously is paradise for photographers.

Travel in Camargue animals and nature

You can try excursions by train, by boat, on foot, by bike, on horseback … and so on.

 Camargue animals and nature horses

We wouldn’t forget to mention the famous horses?

 Camargue animals and nature horses

That’s all… these are scenes that you live ontheroad. You stop, you make pictures and gypsies are happy to show you their performances!

 Camargue animals and nature horses

Do you know that with our horse ride we arrived right here? I wasn’t exactly quiet … but they ensured maximum security.

So I have convinced you? At least one weekend must be put into the program, right?

 Camargue animals and nature horses


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