Trekking in Piedmont: “At donkey’s pace!”

Trekking in Piedmont

Did you have ever thought that also our countries can become a very unusual and interesting walk scenery? We are so used to see them that sometimes we consider theme mere – wrongly.

Trekking in Piedmont

When I read the suggestion of Azienda La Piemontesina (La Piemontesina farm), I found it quite curious.

I have been living in the country since I was a child, in contact with many animals, so I didn’t realize how a walk with the donkey through the country could be so attractive until my daughter Valeria, passing by my computer looked at the picture and exclaimed shouting:

“Wonderful!!! Where is it? When?

Do we go there, don’t we?”

Trekking in Piedmont

So, no sooner said than done, thanks to Nonsoloturisti, here we are ready to leave for the next weekend towards Mandria a hamlet of Chivasso, for the “At donkey’s pace” tour. Trekking in Piedmont.

La Piemontesina Farm offers several and original suggestions for all age groups: from the educational farm to the agri-kindergarten (the first one in Piedmont) to the activities with donkeys…Valeria is beside herself with joy and already thinks about the day’s review and about the drawing up of the post in her mini-blog!

Trekking in Piedmont

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Trekking in Piedmont

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