Usa. A cowboy experience in Texas!

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Texas is a curious place, “the Lone Star State” in the common European imaginary. It’s one of the most charming places of the whole of the United States, the symbol of a culture which the most part of us knows only through films and books due to geographical reasons. On the contrary to Americans it’s impossible outlining a Texan person profile because doesn’t exist a person that looks like to another one. This can be explained very easily if you think about to the huge vastness of the land: Texas is a mixture of people and cultures joined in the large borders of a State. Anyway we are not Americans so we can continue to identify Texas as the cultural heart of the United States, cowboys’ land and certainly of exaggeration (if you don’t agree look at the photo below!). But this is the most beautiful thing. So we are going to discover a ravishing state that allows us to know from the inside a society so different from ours and above all let us enjoy like real cowboys and listening to a very good country music.

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In Texas there are really lots of places that allow to get closer to the most authentic cowboy culture. The attention to the tourist is almost maniacal and the hotels are quite expensive as it often happens in the bigger and more tourist centres, so it’s always better to choose for accommodations in the little neighbouring villages. We decide to begin our tour relying on a car hire agency in the USA: it’s certainly the best choice considering the largeness of the State and the advantages to move at own ease. As always, the suggestions count above all towards the people who love travelling without reserving anything and with the opportunity to stop where there’s something particularly interesting, as we do. The on the roads trips are always the ones I prefer and the USA are perfect for all age groups. Personally, I think it’s almost unavoidable choosing a car here.


By the way, the choice is really large and there are endless ranches where tourist can live like in the Old West. Whether you land in Dallas or in Houston, it doesn’t change much since the first stage of the trip will be Bandera: people who search for the real cowboys will meet their match. You will see them walking under the sun with their guitar on the shoulders everywhere in the semi-deserted roads of this village that is like a set western film. In Bandera the ranches work as real holiday villages: the only difference is that the running is charged to original cowboys that don’t act as dressed-up actors, as we could think, but they live their to be cowboys like that. So in the ranches we’ll find life and fun, outdoor activities or at farm, theme games and the opportunity to ride and do trekking: practically all sorts of amusement for the whole of family.

What’s the best? The mechanical bull, of course!

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Between Houston and Austin there are lots of locations where spend theme western holidays. Among these ones, I suggest you Texas Ranch Life in Chappell Hill: it’s one of the most interesting and complete as it offers a view of all the possible activities. Furthermore it’s a perfect base point for people who don’t love to change accommodation just every evening.  In this Ranch it’s possible to relax living in the peace of the Texan country in contact with some typical American animals, like buffalos and ponies, with the opportunity to go fishing and walking among the thousand paths around the property. Lakes, rivers and lots of wild animals. It’s very easy to sight deer, turtles and the armadillo, too, if you will be lucky. You can choose your own cottage and then go to the main ranch for breakfast and the common activities. Needless to say, all the accommodations are furnished in a perfect Texan style: plain and refined…ehmmm…no. These are not really their features! You have a feeling to travel in time reaching the far-off XIX century, thanks to an ancient and refined furnishing. You must notice that lots of the ranches in the area are considered Working Ranches: it means the guests will relax but will also be involved in the running activities of the several farms, so they will be in contact with Texas and Old West reality. It’s no easy task to understand the Texan language also for the people who know well the English language. But don’t forget to clear well these aspects before your stay: they will allow you to go into the country life reality but it’s not exactly the best to find oneself helping a cow to give birth without understood it before, like in that very funny film many years ago! How we can’t define perfect these aspects of the holiday whether you are single, couples or families? Children will be mad about a Texan adventure. What else? There is nothing left to do than reserving a flight and a car, don’t forget the health insurance and travel towards the United States!

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