Valeria’s partecipation at SMAU

intervento di valeria allo smau

On April 30th I was invited to SMAU together with the Digital Champions of Piedmont where we told about the realities of our land, what we are doing concretely and what we would like to do.

Valeria’s partecipation at SMAU

It’s useless to say that to me it’s always a great honour besides a pleasure to be invited above all when it happens in a such important event as Smau is.

On the occasion of this presentation and of the novelty of this year about Digital Champions, the newspapers and the blogs which told about me are many.

You think that I appeared even on Rainews and I was interviewed by SmauTV. Here you can watch my interview:

My happiness reached the apex when I was given the pass as relater, a memory I will certainly keep for long time!

On my arrival I was welcomed by Oscar and Elisa and then I had the chance to meet all the other Digital Champions there. Yeah, you have to know that since I am the little one everyone knows me but I don’t know all and I’m not able to remember all of them!

intervento di valeria allo smau (2)

I had a great tour at Smau where the 3D printers at the FabLab of Biella bewitched me and the Hoepli stand opened a world to me. I didn’t think that all those handbooks all together could exist. I would have read all of them one after the other!

Do you want to know what I talked about during my partecipation? It’s obvious, isn’t it? About Coderdojo and my blog, about Arduino, about my robot and my passions.

I received really many compliments but what I want to tell everybody is that I don’t do great things: simply I cultivate my passions and I do what I like!

And now, if you want, here it is my partecipation!

I already told about my day on the Digital Champion’s blog, too, and now finally I am able to publish it also on my blog!

I have to say a heartfelt thanks to Chiara Albicocco – IlSole24ore : with a such professional person as she is everything is easier. Then I have to say a heartfelt thanks to all Digital Champions treating me really as a mascot!


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