Venice, Copenhagen and an idea I have had in mind for a bit!

Venice Copenhagen and an idea

Venice, Copenhagen and an idea

Today I tell you about a journey which is being planned and not about a journey I already had, like the other times.

I would like a lot to go to Venice and see the wonderful carnival but seeing it well calmly and not like the last time. We stayed there only few hours and we weren’t able to see almost nothing.

Venice Copenhagen and an idea

From there I would take advantage of flying to Copenhagen with Airone and its really interesting low cost offers. Furthermore, surfing the net, I found the CupoNation offers: they are discount coupons to activate which allow a really low flight final amount.

Venice Copenhagen and an idea

There in Copenhagen I would like to see calmly and above all by day, The Mermaid (Mom, did you understand???). Not like the last time: we passed by at dead of night for two minutes, just the time to take a photo in a hurry!

Of course, I would like to touch it again. People say it bring you luck. I am usually lucky but you never know…

Then I would spend an entire day at Tivoli’s…people say it cannot be missed! The last time I was in Copenhagen it was closed so I cannot miss a such beautiful and funny thing, full of colours and mirth.

Venice Copenhagen and an idea

Do you know what I would do then from Copenhagen? I would go as far as the northernmost point of Denmark, in Skagen, to see the phenomenon of the seas running into and I’d take advantage to have a tour of the area thereabout.

But  the thing I have in mind is very particular: I’d have a longer journey, leaving from Copenhagen by bike going through  all the wonderful landscapes calmly enjoying the wonderful views. On the other hand, Denmark has to be explored by bike. What do you think?

Venice Copenhagen and an idea

But whole this will keep only a dream still for some years. I have to wait to start travelling without my parents. Can you imagine them wearing themselves out only for the pleasure to move by bike??? They are too lazy!!!

Now, it’s better I come to an end: after what I wrote they will leave me directly at home next time! That’s the reason why I waited for the beginning of the summer to write this post. When the autumn arrives their work will fall and we can start again to travel and…they certainly will have forgot it!

Venice Copenhagen and an idea


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