Visit Disneyland Paris DIY: really funny!

visit Disneyland Paris castle garden

During my short holiday in Paris with my cousins I had the chance to visit Disneyland Paris.

A really unique and very funny day! We arrived there in the morning and we entered before the Disneyland World Park.

visit Disneyland Paris castle

Visit Disneyland Paris

What’s more beautiful than spending a day in the park with my cousins? The merry-go-round we did were really many…practically almost all!

Visit Disneyland Paris is funny even when you do merry-go round dedicated to the little ones as the first one we experienced which immediately excited my little girl cousin.

Actually just you drive the car along a route. You think she had difficulty to turn the steering wheel!

Then we chose other merry-go-round.

visit Disneyland Paris castle island

The one I liked most was that one of the mine since it was the more adrenaline in this park.

I liked it because it has a whole dark part where it goes underground and then peeps out in the middle of an artificial island in the lake, around which a boat turns. How very beautiful it is!

visit Disneyland Paris gate

After have experienced practically all the merry-go-round of the Disney Park we moved to the other park, the one of the Studios.

Two parks: Disneyland and Studios

In the Studios Park the merry-go-round were much more beautiful, more for the adults and adrenaline. Much more funnier! They were quicker and were set not only about the cartoons but also about many Disney films.

The roller coaster completely in the dark inside a building: they switch on and off with psychedelic lights. They were fantastic: my boy cousin and me did it thousands of times!

Another one I liked a lot was that one of Twilight: you entered a sort of lift going up and down which then stopped making watching you a video.

The funniest thing arrived just after: you went up and down so quickly that you feel the sense of empty heaving yourselves even from the seat. Uahuuuu!

visit Disneyland Paris

In another attraction there was a sort of machine that on a track went up and down and then up and down again! On one side and on the other one. Really funny!

visit Disneyland Paris car

In the Studios part there were also very beautiful shows with the stuntmen making really choreographic evolutions, outside and inside normal cars and about Cars.

Final show at Disneyland Paris

In the evening we stopped until the closure to watch the final show in the Disneyland World Park.

Unfortunately the Studios park closes at 7 pm while the other one at 10pm.

visit Disneyland Paris final show

It’s beyond description the emotion of the night show. All the Disney characters were threw on the castle in an explosion of lights and colours.

There were also fabulous water games made with the fountains in front of the castle.

visit Disneyland Paris final show

Visit Disneyland Paris is beautiful both to adults and to children.

The Disneyland World Park is perfect for the little ones while whether the children are a bit older and keen on merry-go-round of a stronger experience like me, the Studios are much better.

In short…a really unique experience certainly to repeat, maybe with my cousins again! In five people is more funnier!

visit Disneyland Paris  Twilight

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