Visit Heide Park: the best amusement park of Northern Germany

Visit Heide Park best amusement park Big  Loop

Big Loop – Photo Heide Park

To visit Heide Park, a famous amusement park, we have to go to Lower Saxony, Northern Germany, in Soltau, between Bremen and Hamburg. Heide Park is the biggest amusement park of Northern Germany.

Visit Heide Park

Unlike the big amusement parks, Heide Park isn’t divided in theme areas since the attractions themselves were thought and realized with very cared thematizations.

Visit Heide Park best amusement park

Visit Heide Park means visit an amusement park kept pace with the installation of great attractions both adrenaline and for families. As in each corner of Germany, entering the park the first feature striking us is a clean and tidy park and the very cared green of the park.

Adrenaline attractions

We go through the entering avenue looking about the several stores and refreshment bars to arrive finally on the lake coasts where you can catch a glimpse of the greatest thrilling attractions: Colossos, Limit, Scream, Flight of the Demons , the Swiss Bob Ride, but above all the roller coaster that alone deserves the tour of the park: the Krake!!!

Visit Heide Park best amusement park

Also at the Heide Park we are in a dilemma as usual. Choose the attraction to experience first. We opt for the last one installed, Der Flug der Damoen (The Flight of Demons); the only winged coaster of Germany.

The rails take us to 4G acceleration, 7 different levels and 8 sudden direction’s changes only to make us loose the horizon. In fact, after this one, we don’t want to make any other different merry-go-round!!!

Visit Heide Park best amusement park

Okay, we cannot spend the whole day here! We get off and we are attracted as a magnet by Scream, the biggest Gypro Drop Tower of the world.

The queue is ridiculous in face of the great seats number, so we get on and let us throw from 103 metres: 71 metres free fall and a speed of 100 km/H. Seconds are endless…wonderful it’s says the least!

Visit Heide Park best amusement park Attractions for the little guests

From the top of Scream we sight a similar tower but shorter: it’s Screamie, an attraction like this one but for the little guests that can cut their teeth for when they’ll grow up (obviously at a lower speed).

We get off and go to the Switerland area. Here we find a classic of the German amusement parks, the Schweitzer Bobbahn which already delighted us at the Europa Park but it’s always funny to go for a ride.

Visit Heide Park best amusement park

After the Swiss “snows”, the Heide Park offers us Limit, an inverter coaster: 5 upturns, looping in sequence, rollover, double spin and much more! It seems to fly…

And then there’s the Krake. Sci-fi scenery, a perfectly reproduced bay of pirates and then it: Krake, a roller coaster with a takebreathing descent and a dreadfully spin!!!

It’s difficult to tell by words the emotion we experienced: already during the ascent we feel the weight of our body rest on the back, then once on the top, the truck starts the first two metres of descent and…then it stops to let us admire the great octopus which is going to swallow us. In short, you must try it!

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

Today the emotions don’t want to let up: we get off some laps on the Krake (we cannot make only one) and we find ourselves queuing up for the Big Loop…already the name inspires much…150 seconds of pure adrenaline, over 70 km/h, 700 metres route: a classic coaster to experts opened to the amusement of children and adults!!!

Roller coaster

Yeah, because here limitations are different from ours: children over 4 can get on the roller coaster if accompanied. Listen to me, leave at home your useless fears of Italian moms. Your children will have a wonderful time!

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

From the lakeshore we move towards other areas so we are in the old west, a typical area of the amusement parks.

Some relax

Here, besides the attractions for the whole of family, we find wonderful wooden sculptures and figurants accompanying our fun. We stop a bit for a very American snack and we realize with pleasure that refreshment prices are widely in the average (which is definitely lower than what we mean for average here in Italy).

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

Someone – guess who! – starts to complain we already have wasted too much time and that the areas to visit are still many; so we stand up and move from the west to Norway where we relax a bit among really Scandinavian little shops and bistrot.

But the call of the adrenaline is too strong so here we are onboard Desert Race where a catapult shots us on a takebreathing route. We get off and immediately make catch by Colossos: wooden roller coaster.

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

From Colossos we see Desert race…and going down we make catapult by this accelerator coaster which goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 sec.

Going out we find out the usual photo is taken during the phase of acceleration and it’s possible to print it on a magnet.

In the afternoon we calm a bit and discover the most relaxing areas of this amusement park, walking among wonderful Bavarian settings and funny attractions for the little ones: the evergreen merry-go-round, the sweet route by boats along a canal throughout Germany, reconstructed in scale in its greatest monuments.

The Park at sunset

We look back nostalgically on the great central lake once housed a shorter size reproduction of Lady Liberty, today took down and set again in Colossos.

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

Visit Heide park is a non-stop sensorial experience. Also in this amusement park during the day are scheduled several shows for each age groups: we manage to watch only a few (because time is never enough), but among acrobats, living robots and pirates…guaranteed fun…even though the obvious difficulties in understanding what they say!

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

The first day tour comes to an end and like all German amusement parks, with the tickets for two days, tomorrow (or in 5 days from the first use) we’ll know how to move and what attractions enjoy.

We take the very classic little train to enjoy the park’s landscape at sunset, but then we choose to get off at the lake’s stop: to sip a drink (the typical German beer for Roby!) having a restaurant similar to the White House behind our back and the gaze lost in the reflections of the calm waters in front of us, disturbed – it’s only in a manner of speaking – by the little young goose strolling about between the edge and our chairs, makes us appreciate even more the nice day we have enjoyed.

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

A nostalgic memory…

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

At the end of the day we arrive to Norway: even if  the day isn’t torrid we don’t miss a ride on Fjord Rafting, the round dinghies typical of many amusement parks.

Here, too, very fined and cared settings and really lots of water; when the lap finishes we are dripping fun and water “stolen” to the attraction and going out we find a blow dryer tunnel drying as well as 8 people: 1euro per 4 minutes. The same situation we already found in Orlando amusements parks, even if there were different prices. Do you remember them?

Visit Heide Park best amusement park germany

The Heide park is opened from the end of March until the first weekends of November, from 10am to 6pm. But the last weekend of October, to coincidence with Halloween, the park is opened from 10am to 10pm and has prodigious decorations.

Don’t you think it’s a very good cue to visit Heide Park?


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