Vite in Riviera “Enopesca”. The Ligurian excellence.

Vite in Riviera is an association “about wine and land’s people of Western Liguria for the promotion of the Western Riviera”.

They are the organizational committee of this Enopesca 2013. An event about the promotion of the land through food and wine connoisseurship, a perfect union for this land.

The excellences of the land and wines’ production we met, first of all pass through the wonderful setting of Poggio dei Gorleri: with its careful and refined welcome was the setting of the event. Here the vineyards breathe a brackish air.

The accommodations and the rooms are furnished carefully and are provided with air conditioning. What’s the better than bask in the sun on the edge of swimming pool admiring the sea? Davide and Cristina will able to pamper you literally at their best, as they did with us.

Who are we? But the bloggers who attended the event next to the journalists, of course.

I was with Michela, “Va’ dove ti porta il viaggio” and Doriana La signora dei fornelli” who suggested us the idea with the right words “We shall have to get up very early for fishing”

It was enough that to convince me immediately (if it still needed).

Every time there’s something unusual, alternative, out of the ordinary and possibly a bit crazy, as my daughter says, I’m in the first row, of course!

Winegrowers work for the excellence with passion.

Every farm has a story to tell. A work and family history that grow intertwined and merge with and in the land, as it often happens. History of traditions, sacrifices, bets, came down values and other more. And young people that today take over the reins.

Specchio di Vitae

The wine-making expert Mauro Feola, already met at “Per tutti i gusti Liguria”, with the wines of his project. O Mai Ben! (Pigato), Sansciaratto (Vermentino) and Ghenefusse (Rossese). His family wine-making roots are ancient. The labels “match people to our wines with smile and the glass proudly raised”.

Casa Lupi

Vignamare. The perfect synthesis. Massimo doesn’t let a website display telling his history but he personally infects, explains, tells. With his wineglass in the hand he’s the perfect image of the way to share life, land and friends, by his wines. Because the goal is “can love the vineyard and the sea in the same environment in close contact”.

Laura Aschero

A little farm making high quality wines. Today Bianca is in charge of a farm which is a female farm since…always! From her grandmother she inherited manner and determination. A little and distinctive farm, completely to discover going with her in the winery as well as to and fro vineyards, as she did with us, giving us a special afternoon.

Cantina Sancio

The farm’s history has its roots on Spotorno hills.

“Today I’m happy to have chosen the sound of my sea, my caruggi, the scents and sound of land and the work at open air in my farm”.

On their website you find also the matching of their wines and the Ligurian tradition recipes.

Cascina Nirasca

Liguria is a land difficult to farm but it’s able to give great satisfactions, a world where man and nature walk and grow up together. The vineyards are at an altitude of 400-500 metres so it’s difficult to work. The farm today is in charge of Gabriele and Marco and there’s an equipped winery allowing to control the whole of supply chain.

Podere Grecale

It shows itself with words meant to impress. “The real experts don’t drink wine, they taste secrets”. This is the farm’s philosophy which join tradition and innovation in the harsh Ligurian land. They work with passion and take great care over the land’s protection. In 2014 the farm promises the really new production of Moscatello di Taggia, a recovered species of vine, just integrated in DOC.


Alex, nice and explosive when he’s showing the history of his wines as well as his Farm’s name. And the testing of labels. Why Poggi del Santo? Find it out making you tell directly by him the weaving of stories, events and geographical areas.

Azienda Agricola Lombardi

Theirs is a challenge: to reimplant vineyards where floriculture dominates. A challenge they collected with determination. The ancient history merge with a modern and efficient winery, served by a photovoltaic system.

con una cantina moderna ed efficiente, servita da un impianto fotovoltaico.

Innocenzo Turco

A Farm placed in the inland of Imperia on 20 hectares almost all hilly.

The matching to the service restaurant in a location restored in a masterly manner complete the offer. A winery placed just round the corner from the old town, in a facility dating back the end of XIX century.


The Farm is at its third generation of winegrowers by now. The traditional and ageing wines are put together with oil and grappa. In the winery the ageing is cared in wood casks. A pearl to discover.

Bio Vio

Biological Farm, its goal is wine: “with passion and love you get the best wine” but not only. The oil: it has a fruity flavour, very refined. The aromatic herbs: they are an explosion of scents, a real sensory experience. Then the restored village…I’d dare to say in a maniacal manner, to give again the perfection and to make experience unique holidays in the accommodations where the white marble reigns.

E… at last but not least, here it is the PingOne. Did you know is it possible to live a beautiful day of tourist fishing on board motorboat?

We did it and recommend it warmly. You go to the sea at dawn to go catching the nets.

You observe the fishing operations and you can also try.

And it’s not over! On board you can eat, too: we were satisfied with a “simple” aperitif, with the just caught sorallo. Salvatore is a perfect master of the house!

I can assure you this is one of the best and particular aperitif I’ve ever tasted.

But…I’ll tell you about this next time.

Per info:
Associazione Vite in Riviera
Compagnia del Pigato
Imperia – Italy
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