Walking with donkeys …

This past weekend I participated in a blog tour organized by the Azienda Agricola La Piemontesina of Chivasso: trekking with donkeys for campaigns.

As soon as we arrived early in the morning, they welcomed us taking us to see all the donkeys. There was one donkey was born the day before. It was not as small as I expected.

While waiting for the start we also went to see the Agriasilo Company. It was very original and here the children can play with the animals and being outdoors.

The donkeys were brushed before departure. We have uploaded and then we went for a walk.

When she arrived also the other pair Valentina blogger as my mom and her boyfriend Dominic, we left and we walked a lot. The pause Dora where we wetted our feet was beautiful even if it lasted too little. Another walk and we arrived at the place where we also stayed for sleep. This place was called  ‘’A casa di Gio’’.

Gio made ​​us visit his organic farm where there were many boxes of bees. In his orchard kept many ancient fruits like banana mountain. We could not taste it because it was not yet ripe.

At dinner we moved “Le Campagnette”. It was all very good. The next morning we did not start early, partly because we were all tired. We went to see an old water mill no longer functioning.

On the way back, the second visit, provided another mill, this  worked, where we took the manitoba flour for pizza.

Of the three donkeys we had, what I liked the most and which I had always had with me Cantoira. It is actually a donkey female and is all gray. It did not make a laments for walk like the other two.

This weekend I experienced something new

and very fun!

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