Week Romagna Buon Vivere

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The Week Romagna Buon Vivere – Good Living – is an event that has reached its 5th edition and intends to show the land of Romagna through a series of different events linked to the person’s well-being.

Week Romagna Buon Vivere

Our blog had the honour of being chosen together with bloggers from The United States, Brazil, Ireland and Norway. We could discover different kinds of realities told live on the social network through all our channels. Now I’m here to tell you how we lived the Week Romagna Buon Vivere, far from it a bit of time and already told you about my feelings in the heat of the moment and mediated live.

week Romagna Buon Vivere blogger

The events that are jointed are an uninterrupted series and it’s impossible to attend all of them. But some of them were really exciting and allowed us to savour unique realities, work passions, passions for one’s own land, for one’s own roots that often are too difficult to find.

In this post I’ll give you a quick view about our  Week Romagna Buon Vivere. Please, run the coming posts to go into details and discover the “secrets” of Romagna

Thermae of Riolo

They were the undiscussed protagonist of our Good Living Week. This water has really lots of therapeutic properties. Swimming pools, treatments, course of mud baths and much more wait for you in Riolo to recover your body and mind well-being. The attached Hotel is the most practical accommodation.

week Romagna Buon Vivere food

Let’s start here our tour by this video.

St. John the Baptist Abbey

St. John the Baptist Abbey in Valsenio is a real treasure. A building restored with masterly skill: it contains stories and legends in a delightful mix. It deserves a stop to discover the insides.

week Romagna Buon Vivere san giovanni battista in Valsenio

Herb Garden

The Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni Herb Garden is a riot of senses: scents, smells, tastes will inebriate you whether you will walk among the endless plants and herbs or you’ll decide to taste the most particular salads to find out that even a simple salad can be good and savoury.

week Romagna Buon Vivere herbs garden

But…look out! There are poisonous plants, too!

week Romagna Buon Vivere herbs garden

A few installations with educational and sensory routes recently built attracts children so they can discover the nature and the surrounding landscape from a very particular point of view.

week Romagna Buon Vivere herbs garden vegan

Locanda il Cardello (Cardello Inn)

In this peace place is possible to have lunch tasting traditional dishes revised in a masterly manner and there are also some comfortable rooms for a one or a few days stand.

week Romagna Buon Vivere vineyards

Discover the surroundings, walk among the vineyards and…yeah, Valeria! A little playground where you can enjoy yourselves, too!

week Romagna Buon Vivere playground

Gala dinner

The Verdi theatre in Cesena is the wonderful location for the gala performance. The Hotel-management Schools challenges each other.

week Romagna Buon Vivere gala dinner

At the end of the evening the winner will be declared and during dinner good cuisine and art are mixed. The orchestra acts as a background. If this is not the best expression of the Week Romagna Buon Vivere…

week Romagna Buon Vivere gala dinner theatre

Hotel-management Schools

We knew and met close up the youngsters of the Hotel–management school of Riolo Terme

week Romagna Buon Vivere Hotel management Schools

Competence and skill together with the choice of  high quality local products are the strong point for the realization of excellent dishes.

week Romagna Buon Vivere Hotel management Schools

The Rocca of Riolo

The Rocca of Riolo really deserves a lot of time and a dedicated visit. You’ll be welcomed by Caterina Sforza that will tell you about the sights, its history and all vicissitudes of this really beautiful place. It’s embedded in the centre of Riolo and at sunset you can see the majesty of its reddening bricks.

week Romagna Buon Vivere rocca of riolo terme

Discover its rooms, its legends, its history. During the year there are lots of labs for children and a lot of events inside.

week Romagna Buon Vivere rocca of riolo terme

Then when it’s getting dark the light offers the best scene for a walk inside and outside.

week Romagna Buon Vivere rocca of riolo terme

Maybe before tasting some good wine in one of the many venues hereabouts. We chose Cantina Antica Grotta (Antica Grotta Winery).

week Romagna Buon Vivere wine and cellars

Mussels picking

The Week Romagna Buon Vivere can only belong also to sea in Romagna. On this day in early October that gives us still a summer hot weather, we are going to go into the sea to the mussels farming not far from the coast, after a very good seafood lunch on boat.

week Romagna Buon Vivere food fish

The buoys mark the boundary of this area that is invisible from the land and we find out that the mussel’s cycle is one year about.

week Romagna Buon Vivere fish Mussels

Very impressing the work and the passion: they have a unique important place behind a mussels’ dish we naturally order at restaurant and we never realize it!

week Romagna Buon Vivere fish Mussels

Did you know the fish auctions still exist at the seaside? I already told you about them when I had the chance to attend them in Savona, but here they are completely a different thing: all is automatic and technological. How delightful to discover these realities!

week Romagna Buon Vivere fish auctions cattolica

Then all the charm and work about the reparation of fishing nets and tools: we get lost in these stories and descriptions.

week Romagna Buon Vivere fish auctions

On this hot day someone is relaxing on sailing boat. Two world compared, work and fun, that are very closed to each other for a moment in this photo.

week Romagna Buon Vivere fish auctions boat relax working

A beautiful group photo and we go on. Our Week Romagna Buon Vivere continue at fast pace.

week Romagna Buon Vivere bloggers group

St. George Hotel

In Riccione we stay at St. George Hotel. A luxury hotel with theme rooms. Ours is Giuseppe Ungaretti and…Okay, okay! We got it! Valeria likes it very much!

week Romagna Buon Vivere luxury hotel

Or do you like most the panoramic swimming pool on the last floor?

week Romagna Buon Vivere luxury hotel

Cattolica Aquarium

It’s the perfect place for families: during rainy days children can enjoy themselves watching the River Otters feeding or discovering oceans’ seabed.

week Romagna Buon Vivere sea life

I must admit that adults really like River otters, too, and admiring them close up bewitches us: they are so playful animals!

week Romagna Buon Vivere sea life

Looking at Caribbean seabed you immediately dream other far-off destinations. Do you remember about the Maldives post and its reef? We met the same fishes there!

week Romagna Buon Vivere sea life

Vegan dinner

Did you ever try to prepare and eat a vegan dinner? We did it at Arboreto Cicchetti. 

week Romagna Buon Vivere vegan dinner

Strange ingredients, strange recipes, the preparation was very funny and…what else can I say? Of course! They are the makers of the very good carrot cake! Well done!

week Romagna Buon Vivere vegan dinner

There is nothing left to do but arrange to meet you in the coming posts and above all at the regular appointment in Romagna! The Week Romagna Buon Vivere waits for you next year. And we have a nice night swim!

week Romagna Buon Vivere relax in the night


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