What to see in Verona

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What to see in Verona

Verona is famous and celebrated in all over the world as the city of love. But not the lucky, requite and romantic love…let the near Venice have that one.

Verona is famous for the meeting with opposition, problematic and that makes suffer love…and that had tragic epilogue…why not? But let’s move on to the main attractions that cannot miss if you decide to visit Verona.

Tips. Remember to take into account to purchase a Verona Card.

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Juliet Balcony

Let’s start from here, Juliet balcony. It’s impossible not to enter into this medieval palace just in the centre for a visit. Let you embrace by the legends and dream of eternal and meeting with opposition loves.

Tips. Obviously don’t forget a quick grope to the bosom of Juliet statue: it seems that nothing in the world like this make you so lucky in love!

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Romeo’s House

For equal treatment you must visit Romeo’s House, too. A medieval house next to the Arche Scaligere: the last ones deserve more. Yeah! Unfortunately the Romeo’s House can be a bit disappointing: it’s difficult to find, a poor notice indicates its belonging and it’s not accessible since it’s a private property.

Tips. You must take a photo to the front and its distinctive windows and to the distinctive battlement.

Verona Arena

A stately architecture preserved in a masterly manner. Here an event is a riot of senses. Spending a night at the Arena isn’t the same thing that spending a night at theatre. It’s luxurious, sumptuous, excessive…and so on and so forth, also for the ones like me that don’t know much about theatre. The sceneries are stunning, the actors are an exaggerated number and all of them are in a perfect coordination that left everyone gaping!

Tips. Don’t forget to call for an encore aloud at the end of the performance. If the people who have the seat next to yours will follow your example…guaranteed success and you’ll get the goal!

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Old town

Whole the old town deserves a walk at least. If you have a lot of time you can visit lots of historic places: Piazza delle Erbe, Ponte Scaligero, Ponte Pietra, Roman Theatre, Duomo, St. Zeno Church, St. Anastasia Church, Arche Scaligere…you can pick and choose!

Tips. If you love history and want to get the best of the visits you can choose the flesh and blood guide in the place that you like most: it will delight you telling about very particular legends and anecdotes.

Giusti Garden

A place whole to take delight in. Give it all the time needed to visit it. Water games, plants, geometrical figures, particular plants, flowers… From the lookout you can enjoy a wonderful view of Verona and it isn’t so easy to exit from the labyrinth as it seems. When you choose what to visit in Verona, don’t forget this unique place.

Tips. Spring is the best time to get its essence, its green and its blooming.

Verona fair

Vinitaly, Fieracavalli and Fieragricola are the most famous and celebrated one but there are so many lesser important exhibition. The most important ones attract sector operators and fans form all over the world. The whole town become still more lively. You can breath an international atmosphere. Absolutely to try.

Tips. Why don’t combine the visit of one of the many fairs and the discovery of the city?


After have decided what to see in Verona and explored the beautiful town, it’s time now to devote ourselves to the surroundings of Verona. They give really an endless choice.

Tips. Stay in a strategic position depending on what you want to visit. The hotel choice can be very important above all in summer or during Fieracavalli and Vinitaly.

Garda lake

It’s just round the corner. Everyone knows it and is attracted by the endless possibilities that are given by this famous place in the world. If you like sailing , windsurfing, shopping or relaxing, here you can find what is right for you. For all information refer to Lake Garda website.

Tips. In Spring navigation on the lake allow you to get to different places overlooked the lakeshores. You must try it to spend a different day.

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Garda parks are really endless and one is more beautiful than the other. For me Gardaland is always in the first place. Guaranteed fun for children and adults. I love the Raptor, strictly in the first row. Do you know that is it enough you count people in front of you and get passed the ones that are waiting to try get the first seats? By little chance and if there aren’t are people with the-skip-the-line ticket.

Tips. Halloween opening and October weekends are the best time to visit the park: there is not much crowd, queues are almost inexistent and all attractions are opened, unlike Christmas time.

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Sealife, Living Nature, Segurta park, Movieland Caneva, thermal parks and other ones more. The choice is really endless and you will realize that when you asked yourselves “What to see in Verona” you didn’t have planned enough time to give to the discovery of this land. It gives a really unique welcome to tourists and visitors from all over the world to discover a unique and very appreciated realities, above all by foreigners.

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Attractions to tell about would be still many but by these ones I think I answered to the initial question, a bit at least. Above all I hope to have convinced you to devote your next holiday to this wonderful destination!

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