Where going on holiday: 10 journeys not to be missed!

Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! norvegia

Where going on holiday?

Have you ever thought what are the 10 most beautiful places in the world you have seen? Those ones where you felt alive, satisfied, relaxed, fun of excitement or deep in who knows what kind of emotions? Those places that think again about them, maybe many years after, make you live again feels and moments you experienced only there and in that moment – and maybe you don’t know even why?

In this holiday time I thought to write up my very own list.

Here they are our 10 not to be missed places!


1 – Lofoten and Vesteralen Islands in Norway

Strictly to reach on board Hurtigruten, the Norwegian postal of fjords which offers wonderful views and narrow passages among fjords in these areas: a wonder beyond description.

It is often defined the most beautiful journey in the world. If not, it is certainly much close to.

A unique experience in all season and to include in any itinerary in Norway, to catch the most authentic flavour of Norway: it has to be seen by sea through its fjords, its islands and its uncontaminated nature.


Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! motoslitta in finlandia

2 – Levi in Finland by snowmobile

If you have the chance to reach Finland in the dead of winter, don’t stop absolutely in Rovaniemi even if it’s beautiful, but keep going more northwards and reach Levi at least. More you go northwards and more the uncontaminated nature shows the best of itself. It will be your impression  that here the tourism doesn’t even exist. An example: the tours by snowmobile don’t happen following your guide but you will be given a map of the area with the directions for the petrol pumps and the difficulties of the tracks and…enjoy your trip!

A surreal place not to miss for the thousand emotions it gives, whether you are lovers of sleights drawn by huskies, of the cross-country skis, of the reindeers or any other winter activity.


Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! laguna blu in islanda

3 – Myvatn and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Did you finally decide to visit Iceland, one of the most beautiful places in the world? Don’t miss this little suggestion. One of the most crowded places is the Blue Lagoon in the south of the island, little far from Reykjavik. A particular place but crowded by hordes of tourists that restricts its charm. Few people know but it exists another Blue Lagoon in the north of Iceland, near Myvatn Lake. It’s much more little and for this reason its atmosphere is more real and unique.

Then if you will have the chance, like it happened to us, to arrive there a day in October, out of time and find the door closed, the very kind keeper will look at you and will tell you: “No problem. I am here working so I open and let you come in!”

Do you have any idea what means having a place like that only for us for a few hours? Anyone else, a spectacle and a relax not quantifiable! Above all because…it cost the regular price of the admittance ticket!


Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! delfini e balene in sri lanka

4 – Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka

You arrived in Sri Lanka almost by chance. Of course, you want to sight whales. How many times you heard mention about the famous Blue Whale? You read all sorts of tricks about the tours in the south of the island, so you decide to experience Kalpitiya. Your guide tries to dissuade you and it’s obviously the best way to convince you. You spend the night in a cabana among mosquitoes and malaria, muezzin yelling, the power has gone…even a cement bed and a toilette in the open air among the jungle.

While you are waiting for the dawn excited you wonder why you are there. Then the following morning you take a little boat, go offshore and in a few minutes you are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of dolphins jumping around you. Never saw so many all together. A unique view of a still uncontaminated nature.

You go even more offshore. You see the coast no longer. We are only a little point in the middle of the sea by now. We cannot keep going on because there is India farther: this statement catapults you in all historical and political problems. But you don’t have time to think. Here it is. There. At a few metres far from you. Enormous and huge. The first whale of the many ones you will sight today. It is three times longer than our little boat, with its sea formations and shells on the skin, with its puff of a so distinctive sound. With its tail that at a certain point, while you are looking at it astonished, it plunges again in the depths of the ocean leaving you the doubt it was a dream. Just when at a little distance another whale appears to make you live again the same excitement.

The cabana, the food seasoned with flies, the intolerable hot weather and the lack of sleep don’t exist anymore. It only exists the power of nature astonishing in its majesty and only one question: can we sleep again in that cabana for another week and come back here every day?

Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! escursioni alle svalbard

5 – Longyearbyen at Svalbard 

The Svalbard Islands are the last inhabited outpost before North Pole. An archipelago developing beyond the 80° parallel. A physic and mental frontier place in the imaginary of those few ones who know place them on the globe.

Reaching them with the flight from Norway in a sunny day, like we did, is already an experience itself thanks to the breathtaking landscapes which can be admire from the windows of the plane. Moving throughout these islands gives you emotions in every moment. Here the danger of the polar bear is real. It’s not a joke. If you move outside the town you have to be armed. The young people always go around with the dog.

The experiences you can have at Svalbard are many. The one I advise not to miss is a day by boat to reach Pyramiden, a deserted town by now, beyond the 79° parallel: it stays there, as many other things it happens in the world, as a monument of the human foolishness.

A sunny day that allows you to enjoy the wind swishing on the deck of the boat, a grilled lunch (wonderful salmon and…yeah…whale) enjoyed just under the glacier with the splash of the ice breaking off the front on the background and then the discovery of this such surreal town. A day not to miss!

Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! florida key e key west

6 – Key West in Florida

Key West has to be reached from Miami strictly by car through the US Route 1, the panoramic road which has to be driven along without hurry to enjoy a journey which is already a destination. Crossing the Upper, the Middle and the Lower Keys is an explosion of beauty and relax. Then when you will arrive at Key West at last, you won’t go away anymore!

It takes a lot of time to drive along them, not a kilometric time but that one to get lost in the deviations, in the little villages, in the thousand distinctive places along the road: from the little shops where buying fish, to the sea parks where doing snorkelling, the little harbours which take unique colours at sunset, to the interrupted bridge, the one of the old road today used for endless walking literally in the middle of the sea…

Once left Miami, you will realize that here time flies by at a different speed. It allows you enjoying the landscape, doing sport, relaxing, fishing, practically…everything you have in your mind, here it’s possible!

There’s even an island where sighting the wild deer and it’s not a legend: it will enough to go out from the main road and get lost among the little roads of the island by car, driving slow to admire the first lights of the dawn and you will meet them just in front of you, like it happened to us, there, in the middle of the road!

Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! in elicottero alle isole faroe

7 – A tour by helicopter at Faroe Islands

The Faroe Island are a little archipelago, exactly in the middle, among Norway, Scotland and Iceland and we were able to reach them even three times in a year! What do you do in that so remote place? You are going to enjoy and experience the harshness of nature, the man who fights to not abandon them and nature which kids him by a climate where wind swishes never-ending, the sea is almost always rough and sheep live undisturbed, more numerous than men.

You are going to admire the work of human engineering: in a so remote place, almost all the islands are linked by tunnels under sea. You are going to get lost among cliffs and no living souls in the roads. You are going to understand how many different shapes can have the word “snow”, besides two hundreds in Greenlandic, I think, and it’s an aspect that was unsolved since the far times when I had read for the first time “Il senso di Smilla per la neve” (Smilla’s sense of Snow).

Then you are going to take the helicopter. Yes. One hour helicopter costs few Euros because here is considered a taxi, a necessity. Admiring these islands from the top doesn’t have really any price: today the flight takes place for the most part sheltered and very closed to the very high cliffs due to the wind (will it be always like that?) and admiring from the top these so majestic cliffs, like you are a minor little point in the hands of the atmospheric agents.

Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! maldive in barca

8 – By boat at the Maldives

If put the Maldives in the top ten of my most beautiful journeys in the world can seem banal, maybe not everyone knows that it exists several and absolutely advisable ways to explore them. People who usually read me, know well that we are not lovers of the sea, above all be stuck on an atoll even if it’s wonderful, on the other side of the world.

So the choice of the boat it was practically that one more take for granted. Have found a boat only for us, at low cost prices (and I assure you it was hard!), allowed us to experience these islands from a different point of view. Every day we moved both in the morning and in the afternoon, we did snorkelling in unique and different places, we were fishing, we had dinner on deserted islands and at some nights we slept in the middle of nothing: no light or any other boat at 360 degrees.

Do you have any idea what it means not using the cabin and sleep on the upper deck of the ship, in the light breeze of the night under a sky of lighted stars?

Dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! volo panoramico sull'himalaya

9 – In Nepal for the panoramic flight above the Himalaya

We leave from Kathmandu, in an area separated from the International Airport. The most fearful people have to keep apart this experience: we all know that the Nepalese Airlines are among the most dangerous in the world for the number of accidents. This said, and adding the exaggerated amount of the experience, absolutely out of market in a country where the price of everything is ridiculous (and if you find something expensive it means people are duping you!), flying above the Himalayan chain, above all if you are able to do it early in the morning, it’s a wonderful view.

Being there in front of 8000 people of the land and can admire them from this privileged point of view, everyone is left gaping. The pollution of Kathmandu, the confusion, the filth, the cacophony of sounds and colours and all the rest don’t exist anymore…only they exist, the mountains, majestic and eternal with their colours, their harshness and their limits so difficult to violate that attract and bewitch so many people from time immemorial.

dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili! terme e relax in austria

10 – In Austria for wellness and relax

After all this running all around the world, now it’s time of a bit of relax. Of course, this one, too, has to be the top of the tops when we decide for this option, our destination is always and only one: Austria. It offers certainly the best relation quality/price in a country where wellness is a real culture.

We didn’t find anything like this all around the world. In these hotels and spas everything is always perfect, relaxing and regenerating. One of our favourite places is Jagdhof in the Stubaital valley.

Simply perfect for adults and children and to ski all over the year thanks to the glacier just around the corner, because on the Stubaital you ski in summer, too.

liliana roberto e valeria alle svalbard dove andare in vacanza: 10 viaggi imperdibili!

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