I’m the winner of the Family Travel Award! HWTBA13.

rafting nepal

A tweet, an email arrived by chance during my journey in Nepal.

It was no easy to give an answer due to the shaky and sometimes no existing connections. It was impossible to send an answer tweet so it was in stand-by for several days.

Then on my return, to my great surprise, I find out my post about a blue little known lagoon in Iceland was selected by Hostelworld Italia for the Travel Blogger Awards 2013 Hostelworld Italia for the Travel Blogger Awards 2013, for the category Family Travel.

Obviously I’m very happy and in the same time a bit frightened. My nomination is next to great and good bloggers specialized in family travels: I know some of them and they are very good.

Here they are: if you never read their blogs, this is the perfect time:

Mamma giramondo carried us doing trekking in South Tyrol, a place synonymous to me of wellness and relax or skiing, as I am a lazy person.

The Family Company with a post about a place I love: Scotland.

Patato Friendly that we already know thanks to the interview to Valeria (I always disowned: she cannot be my daughter!): it takes us to Wien, refined and elegant capital town.

Cri in Viaggio takes us to the Seychelles, a destination I will certainly visit before or then, even if I don’t like the sea pretty much.

The challenge is already started. Days slip by, the voting continue at a fast pace and the competition closes.

A quick tweet as it happened for the nomination, which doesn’t go unnoticed. I slam my eyes and I read it twice:

The winner of the Family Travel category is @lillymonticone which took us to Iceland!

tweet vincitrice

I am delighted, just because the victory was unexpected, of course.

Well, yes, I am the winner of my category!

It’s a pleasure to receive messages, comments, tweets congratulating me, from both real and virtual friends. I am very pleased. It is nothing left than two particular thanks:

the first one to Hostelworld, of course, great idea and very good service

the second one, a little bit take for granted, to the very good blogger Simona: before to be a blogger she’s a traveller and one of the best. Think she has just come back from Transylvania. She suggested me to use the first photo, the one about the rafting.

As I wrote to her in the comment, I seem the Michelin little man but she liked it very much, so…

I chose the last one but the first one…here it is in the post!



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