Women’s Day. I don’t like it.


I never loved Women’s Day. If anything, the opposite.

I never loved, as a woman, the dogged defence of woman as such. If anything, the opposite.

I never appreciated the feminists keen to the bitter end. If anything, the opposite.

I never agreed about female quotas and gender equality. If anything, the opposite.

I never liked the obligatory out dinner in this day full of cackle. If anything, the opposite.

This preamble to show what a simple search on the web spilled on me (think you I was looking for the name of a game with stones).

I focused with precision the reason of my sense of hazy repugnance that always accompanied the Women’s Day.

To avoid misunderstandings I state exactly right now I do not make it an issue about flag, political party or religion and even stance, under banners which not belong to me.

I make it an issue of civilization opposite barbarism, development and progress opposite crime and violence.

These are only two videos of the thousands ones you can find on the web without filter and restriction. I decided to write this post for the fortuitousness of the Women’s Day.

  • Two different and far from each other world’s places, with stories having nothing in common but the same end of violence and abuse.
  • Two different reasons, both beyond the limits of the absurd.
  • Two loathsome contexts in their normality. Towns that can be ours. Clothes that can be the ones every days we see. Mobiles shooting that can be our mobiles.

The heinous normality of the central events of these videos happening in the most complete indifference.

I don’t recommend strongly to children and young people watching these videos without the accompany of an adult. Please, don’t underestimate this recommendation.

Human barbarism knows no limits.

A woman in Sudan: her fault was to wear a pair of trousers.

Another woman in Iran: she was guilty of adultery.

I think on Women’s Day the women and men which are born on the right and lucky side of the world, as we are (I always keep repeating), have to take it upon themselves of different thoughts than the mimosa and going out for dinner.

This is what happens still today unfortunately outside our borders, in far-away places we will never visit, as well in the near ones we can reach with a few hundreds of Euros but where doesn’t exist only the sea, unfortunately.

I often read about notice boards blocked by posts and links defending dogs, cats, whales, bears, seals and pandas.

Don’t forget to defend the man before!


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