How beautiful the Bio Water Park of Turin Zoom!

Today I want to tell you about the Bio water park Zoom in Turin , where I spent a beautiful day with the summer camps of the Parish of Valmadonna.

The Zoom is an aquatic bio-park where we had a beautiful day between animals, swimming pools, birds of prey and various amusements. I’ll tell you.

It ‘a bio water park a bit’ different. The presence of so many exotic animals that can be seen up close, really makes this a unique experience. I was fascinated by these penguins.

In the same place you can admire the beautiful animals and swim in a pool with very large stones and rocks that reconstruct the distant exotic beaches. The glass from which to watch the penguins swim in their pool is really a particular point of view. A pity they could not stop for hours gazing at the way they swim so fast!

We arrived around 10 in the bio water park and in the morning we watched the  meerkats that are really spectacular and also very tender. They do the pampering and play continuously.

Shortly after the show began in the amphitheater. We could see the flight of some birds of prey like the vulture, eagle, hawk, owl and many others.  I would have liked to keep these birds with glove as it do their instructors!

In another area of the park, there were lemurs free around us. What a beautiful tail with that huge whole of black and white stripes. I liked very much.

Tutti al bio parco acquatico

In a meadow we all ate together in the relaxing picnic lunch that we had brought.

The afternoon is spent in the pool. I, who had brought the underwater camera, I indulged in many performances with others.

pinguini al bio parco acquatico


It was a really fun day and especially different from the usual water parks to which they are accustomed.


How about these turtles? Are not spectacular?

Now I have another goal: to go and see them in their natural habitat!


I wonder … if my parents transposing??

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