Iceland. Hverarönd geothermal camp.

This is a gloomy day in mid-October completely different from the beautiful day of yesterday which allowed us to see the lagoon of icebergs with its wonderful colors.

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We head to the Hverarönd geothermal camp activity, nature takes over looking with hostile environment that appears muddy and barren.

Several pools of bubbling mud and hot water.

Some seethe more quickly, others more slowly, all equally fascinating.

Here there are fumaroles, sulfuric place, hot springs and a lot of other.

The smell that you breathe is acrid and pungent, comes from the bowels of the earth.

It’s an “aerosol” natural, strong and steady.

From several piles of stones comes a strong hiss.

The depth emits water vapor.

Can not get closer without getting wet – and blanched – having regard to temperature. We are in one of the areas with the highest temperature of the entire Iceland.

Walking in this area in the early morning, when even the few tourists who visit the place today have not yet arrived, has a unique charm and an extreme effect.

Observe the formations and the sounds of nature, alone, listening the gurgling and hissing and lost with our eyes on the barren hills surrounding it’s an experience not to be missed if you go here.

Besides the interesting attractions of the area are numerous.

Surely the Mytvan Lake, then craters, natural pools, lakes and ponds, … and do not forget that this is a volcanic area.

Not far from here there are the lake in the crater has arisen.

In the summer, in the hottest days, it is also possible to swim.

Further north, on the coast, seals and whales, you can sighted all year round thanks to the many excursions that until recently was only possible in the summer.

Remember that Iceland is beautiful and for how long can be the amount of time that you are going to plan, you can be sure that it will never be enough.

In the area are many excursions that can be made between glaciers and deserts in extreme conditions and the tourism office will be quite happy to help you find the best solution.

Unfortunately Iceland is very expensive for us and hiking, even out of season, have too often impossible prices.

Obviously, before you leave the area, don’t missed a stop at the Blue Lagoon, maybe at night to admire the Northern Lights.

Our time is over. Now it’s dark. We have to go.

But the surprises don’t end in Iceland.

I turn a curve while I driving in the night admiring the northern lights and not immediately understand what that red glow in the distance.

Immediately think of a red light but it’s impossible over there, so far. Then I think to a different northern light, but the color is too strong and too limited. …

Versione italiana.

I have a heart sank when I realize that in front of me there is an erupting volcano!

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