Iceland. Myvatn Nature Baths: the Blue Lagoon in the north.

If you planning a trip in Iceland , you surely know the most famous Blue Lagoon located near Reykjavik , a place that you don’t lost. Take a look the official website, now finally remaked, and you have a really idea of the place.

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Today I show the Blue Lagoon, but another, in the north of the island, near Myvatn Lake, smaller and less well known, but perhaps because of it absolutely worth a stop.

The correct name is Myvatn Nature Baths. Their website is modest, but don’t be fooled. The relax that you are living inside is the same, especially if you are lucky to go out of season, in a particularly grey day as we did: we were alone and the lagoon was all ours!

Only a few people know that the hot water that forms this blue lake comes from the nearby plant for the processing of diatomite. The color is conferred by the richness of algae present.

It seems that the therapeutic properties of this water and spa are a lot. The environment surrounding of black lava create a unique and surreal landscape. Tipical of Iceland.

If you have already visited the other famous  lagoon, you’ll soon realize that the dimensions are more modest, but the cost of entry is much cheaper and the visitors in a small number. Needless to say that this makes it very interesting!

In the lagoon water has different temperatures, this allows everyone to find the ideal condition.

Even on the coldest days, after some time the heat becomes really exaggerated and you need to stay out for a little bit.

Right! It’s all ok up there?

Right! It’s all ok up there?

The temperature here today is around 2 ° C! Don’t forgot: we are in Iceland.

And of course my daughter hasn’t cold! Come in the whirlpool which is better!

The children enjoy a lot, the water is high a meter (as in the most of pools in Iceland) and allows them to splash around and have fun.

The Lagoon is open all year, every day. A good reason to try it during the long night of the Arctic winter in Iceland.

Have you got idea what it means to see the northern lights from this location?

The adults find their relaxation in the sauna and steam bath.

Inside there is also a small gift shop and a restaurant with tipical Iceland food.

The sensation experienced here today is really indescribable. A private and exclusive place at our your disposal.

These are the advantages of traveling out of season!

The hours flow faster in this corner of paradise.

In this area there are a lot of wonderful places that we have yet to visit and sadly we never available as long as you would like. Yes, I know that a whole year not would be enough!

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So … we must go! I recommend, if you go here, do not forget a stop. Didn’t regret it!

660 Myvatn 
GPS: Latitudine N 65 37.500 Longitudine  W 16 50,520
Internet site:
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