Salone del Gusto 2012 in Turin. Taste and flavor excellence.


The Salone del Gusto in Turin has become appointment for everyone interested, curious and passionates. It is not just a fair where the Italian companies showed their products, but in spite of the current situation is still a sector of Italy’s excellence.

Versione italiana.

It ‘a real explosion of flavors, tastes, smells andcolors, with the typical products of our land, showing the Italy that from North to South and from East to West work and produce. The people that put their passion in everything they do.

I will not explain you in details our visit. He did very well in his blog Michela, in a dedicated post, and she being much more precise than me, has collected and organized all companies and flavors we’ve tested.

What I’m going to tell you it’s what I find fascinating about this event: the way in which all our senses are stimulated by walking through the stands.

Look, for example, these huge onions. You can taste the endless ways in which they can be prepared.

And what about this tasty “caciocavallo” cheese?

But also the food less “attractive”, as beans and peppers, can be accommodated in elegant compositions that become true art inserted in taste.

This is the very very hot and good  ‘Nduja calabrese.

In another stand is possible to admire the explosion of red.

And in the next stand there are, chaotically arranged artfully, cans and jars for storage.

This is the Ficaccio. 

Even the most simple tomato, of a different red, finds its positioning.

Many peculiarities are present, some of which must necessarily be discovered here. For example the Maize red.

Flour is an important element, and if it is presented in this banquet so special, even better.

You can even try and touch! Too bad that the presence of children is so limited. Especially given the fact that up to 11 years enter free.

I consider it a great educational opportunity that allows at children to discover without moving many peculiarities and realities in our region through a process that is sensory in a natural way!

Of course, the end result wasn’t exactly that kind of bread

And here’s another red that we had not yet met. Served with anchovies …

The sausages and ham deserve a fully dedicated space.

Often we happened to travel around the world and feel to ask, maybe in the remotest corners, news and information about our hams, and more.

Here, of course, there is all for everyone and for every taste.

From every region of Italy.

From the most popular and well-known, especially abroad.

Those tasty and with very particular taste.

And remember … always and only the knife!

Of course, even our cheeses are the best.

All this is accompanied here and there by the most particular tastes that certainly do not have all day on our tables.

What is still missing to finish?

Of course, fruit and dessert. And here we are satisfied.

And for those who love beer … I’d like to mention this brewery. The friendly Massimo, invite us to a beer tasting at its brewery in Genoa. He dedicates us even a photo: “adopt temporarily un’astemia with drive license” … I do not drink and my husband and my friends systematically take literally this every time!

Can’t miss the most famous and popular products.

Just as those less known. These figs were really delicious.

A thousand words and a thousand pictures are not enough to describe everything. The time passes and we are going to turn the Mother Earth.

Here we are instantly enveloped by the entire pavilion.

Pleasantly chaotic, noisy, musical…

The Nordic stand are charming and recall our many trips with the endless wooden structures with stockfish.

And the smoked sardines make us think about those breakfasts so tasty.

At the center is rebuilt this African garden. Each step is a journey.

Not through the Italian regions, but across continents.

Between smells and tastes mostly unknown, though heard and maybe tasted and tested many times.

Who loves to travel will be fall in love of this pavilion that goes far beyond the taste and flavor.

The more bright colors are flanked by typical products of the earth that we are used to seeing in a completely different form, as the fruit of the cocoa.

The reindeer skins on the tables are viewed with awe by most of the visitors.

The cheese wrapped in leaves and offered in many different options.

And also here you can find some corner of Italy.

It ‘s a extemporaneous place .

Very young and very popular by young people. Mostly travelers who know how to savor the true essence of the atmosphere.

There are many children of all nationalities. They playing and running around the lanes in these endless days for they, when accompanying their parents in the fair. These are aspects of a journey of mind and we do not know practically nothing. But that’s another story.

Every people improvise meetings, contacts, creation, for example with palm leaves as in this case. Or they bring into play some certainty that unconsciously take for granted: my daughter is approaching a banquet Icelandic after carefully constructed mentally his perfect phrase in English … and the guy speaks perfect Italian!

If you exclude the European’s stand, the products don’t come from companies that are able to promote and export their products, but mostly by fair trade or international projects for development. I think the real victory will really be a future where the economy based on money will be able to recognize and value these differences around the world that otherwise will perish. And with these thoughts utopians … I leave you and enjoy a wonderful and delicious oysters!

Versione italiana.

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