Yasmina: in the Sahara desert to live the thousand nights and one!

The experience in the Sahara Desert has been one of the most beautiful lived in Morocco. So we decide, after having try the Sahara Service’s tented camp in M’hamid, to come back to the desert from Merzouga and explore the area of Erg Chebbi.

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By chance and by price we choose the Yasmina Hotel.

Calling it an experience of the thousand nights and one night is definitely an understatement.

Our guide didn’t mentioned it, as well as the Lonely Planet, and the pictures and the reviews seemed almost too good to be true … Here, in the desert of Sahara, even more.

I’m interested in because it’s in the best position, closer to the dunes of Sahara. So we decide to try for one night.

We are immediately greeted from very busy owner that makes us sit to enjoy a typical berber tea admiring the sand dunes.

The location is excellent. It’s the last structure close to the dunes that reach with two minutes walk barefoot in the sand. It’s really fantastic, more than all the other many facilities in the area.

The activities that can be practiced here in the Sahara are so many, as well as excursions to explore the surrounding area, 4×4 tours in the desert, local markets, quad bikes and motorcycles, …

Every travel agency and tour operators will offer you own packages and excursions.

My advice is to book directly there. Whether to have the best price and to do what you like.

The adventures that you can live in the desert of Sahara, during your holiday will be truly unique.

We arrange our luggage and go to discovery the Yasmina.


The pictures we had seen and thanks to which we chose this hotel on the web, didn’t really make justice.

The style, decorations and most importantly – not to be underestimated – the cleaning, are definitely at the top.

When night falls you are surrounded by darkness and silence of the Sahara’s  desert, in this remote corner of the world, with some distant light.

Even if you love the nightlife, you will not be disappointed. At sunset the lights switch on.

With lights start the African music. The songs accompany the Berber drums and you can also try to play this music.

Obviously, before, the buffet dinner is served.

I’m not sure that this photo does justice to the goodness of the specialties that we could taste here.

But the excellent quality and reasonable price, especially considering that we are on the edge of the desert, are guaranteed (we spend 12 euro).

For those who prefer, like us, the tranquility, I suggest simply to walk through the more isolated areas and exit from structure to go directly into the desert to live the solitude of these places so extreme.

In the different environments you can relax, read, watch television and especially planning the next days that here will never be enough!

The day after for us a little relaxing in the pool and then off, walk to the dunes to watch the sunset from up there.

I must admit that the idea of a pool in this barren and desolate place and after seeing the harsh conditions in which people live in the desert, is not the best, both from the environmental point of view and, above all, from the view of moral.

The dunes of fine sand to walk on barefoot are an emotion.

But also, and above all, an immense effort. At certain points we need three or four steps to go up a few inches.

But the landscape that you admire from up here is unique. The only green spot in the desert is our hotel!

Perhaps that is why it’s popular for bird watchers from all Europe to study the migratory flows that make a stop here.

But it is time to come back. A fast social activities, yes you read right. Not always and not particularly fast, but here, in the desert, you can also connect to wifi for free.

The day draws to a close, but … do you think that the time has come for us to rest? Absolutely not! Now we go on a camel to the tent camp!

Versione italiana.



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