Do you thinking at Capri for your 2013′s Holiday? 10 Ideas for low cost hotels and other.

 A chat online with some friends made me think about to visit Capri, a destination that I have never seriously considered, at least until now.

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I’ve always – maybe erroneously – considered a destination too much popular for fascinate me, but today I found out that, leaving aside the celebrities square and the shops with them highest quality, which as you know are not for me, you can definitely have fun even without necessarily go far away and all without spending a fortune.

Here is the list of 10 things that I didn’t miss it for an unforgettable experience.

At first of all, coming to Naples, I’m going to island by helicopter. Yes, you read right. There is a helicopter service that will take you to Capri immediately and it make you enjoy from one of the most beautiful landscape in Italy. As you know, I had the chance to try to go on helicopter … I literally fell in love. As soon as I saw this opportunity on one of the most complete website of the island, I could not resist to put it at head in my list of things to do. The price, clearly, isn’t cheap, but not only for VIP. You can send a emails for realizing it.

2. After I spending a small fortune to arrive, I’ll spend a cheapest rates for hotel, I’ll choice a place a little bit isolated from the crowds but that allows me to go into the nightlife whenever I want. The proposed prices are very reasonable especially out of high season to enjoy the island. Using the full and fast internal engine, I found a perfect small hotel in Anacapri with a wonderful view from my room. Everyone will find his accommodation, from B&B to the rooms for rent and for those who spares no expense are many 5 star hotels and 5 star luxury.






After organizing the accommodation I’ll think fully in the activities. .

3. The boat trip to Grotta Azzurra. You know what I’m talking about? If you don’t know, ! Oh, I forgot two things: the cave is really blue and the Neapolitan songs that accompany your visit inside the cave with perfect acoustics are a unique experience.

4. Do not miss the excursions from the sea. In the spring becomes cheaper to rent a boat on their own to explore the secrets of the sea. Rocks and cliffs to admire, bathing and swimming in the first rays of the sun, the tranquility of a place not yet crowded. What do you want over?

5. Trekking and excursions: lovely walks in the warm spring sunshine to admire the scenery and the coast. And the first target will surely be the natural arch. After admiring it from the sea, I’ll take a great pictures even from theview point.

6. Do you know that in Capri you can have a boat trip for fishing? I’ve tried it in colder seas of Norway and in the warm seas of the Maldives and Sri Lanka, I can not miss the opportunity to make it at my doorstep!

7. For history buffs there are many proposals. The Gardens of Augustus are, for me, the most interesting, but also Villa Jovis, the mansion where the Emperor Tiberius retired to private life is worthy of note. Knew how to choose well our friend!

8. In the north of the island there is Marina Grande, the largest beach with its hydrofoils and ferries. What’s more fascinating than spend hours and hours sitting quietly in an anonymous table in a bar, sipping a cocktail, watching the faces of people that arrive and go back?

9. And when you are hungry? There is nothing best of Mediterranean cuisine! Try it anywhere! Just ask to foreign tourists that at the time of departure want to have a packets to take home the tipical food enjoyed in Capri! The famous Caprese (which is different here!), ravioli alla caprese with caciotta and marjoram, eggplant parmigiana with mozzarella (true) and fresh tomatoes, caprese cake with chocolate and almonds … here there isn’t only an excellent and fresh fish to test in front of the sea!

10. Are you wondering what my tenth board? Obvious: nature and relax. Lying in the sun with a good book, the view of the beautiful sea, all from a hot tub strategically positioned to ensure privacy and silence, sipping a frozen cocktail! I’ve discovered browsing here, try to find it!

Versione italiana.

Do you like my planning? And what do you add it ?



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