Markets in Sri Lanka to jumping in a real life!


Do you want to discovery the daily life of Sri Lanka and touch its name so famous “Island of Smiles”?

Don’t miss the markets.

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Every town has one large and small, and your guides will lead you to discover of these hearts for true life that pulsates with people. Right Amila? Ok! Ok! They all understand that I’m joking.

Amila our very professional guide of  who accompanied us to explore the island, is literally devastated by every our new idea!

The briefing that we do every evening with him it’s really exhausting, we know, but Amila is always available to find us the best solution, even when his tiredness is endless!

We are very demanding. Every evening, arriving at the hotel, we study the map, where we are, in what direction we go tomorrow, what to visit and we get an idea of what we want to do tomorrow..

Amila so exposes us his suggestions for the next day. Day by day he learned to know us and recommend us the best places in the area, selected according to our preferences, so his places are added to our and since the time is always missing, we begin the grueling and really difficult selection .

Amila is never tired! Even when, like tonight, we have this new idea “Tomorrow we go to the markets.”

Amila is hesitant and worried. It ‘s always too protective. He try to change our idea and explaining us how are the markets: “Nothing is interesting for tourists, you can’t buy fish to eat there, are chaotic and you must always pay attention.”

What better way to convince us that we can’t lose them? So, in the morning, because the fish markets open early when the fishermen come back from sea, we are here at our first market.

A spectacular daily life of the place.

Around the markets everyday the people lives, with the chaotic noise.

The smiles of the people.

Their curiosity to see us “white” and ask us to take a picture together.

The perception of security is really high. Even in the poorest places there is always the dignity of these people that smiling. It is normal to see big pots with money and anyone touching it.

People come to the market with every kinds of transports. Young, old, women, children, … all colorful and smiling.

The women take the opportunity to chat while preparing products with their rapid movements.

And the men take the opportunity to share the latest news.

The merchandise is shown in various ways.

What surprises us is the kindness of people with all of us and especially with Valeria. Valeria.

They offer us their products to hold and suggest the strangest way to have a picture.

It isn’t unusual to see people barefoot, as in this case. How far away their life from ours, where so many people don’t go out without makeup even to go to supermarket!

At the market we can see a lot of unusual fish that makes us understand how the sea is rich: whales and dolphins can be seen easily during all year. The fishing  isn’t practiced with industrial methods, but mostly by hand.

The many products that we know and they do really make hungry.

At the markets arrive continuously fishermen from the sea come in with their fish.

It ‘s fascinating to observe the ordinary people, even if we don’t understand.

In a short time we go again everywhere in the market to take a pictures, to see a perspective, or to observe a new fruit.

People watching us with the same awe with which we observe them.

 Amila not lose sight of Valeria for a moment.

Although they are always useless its recommendations on being together….

 But they are also exaggerated … the people are friendly and try by all way to establish some sort of impossible communication.

And as soon as Valeria is interested in this or that fish, all around inform her that she can take and lift, in a nice demonstration of kindness.

She glad accepts everything and see everything. It’s only been a few days, but it seems far away for her the first impression of the country in when  watching everything and unable to express an opinion, he kept repeating only: “It’s so strange. It’s so different!

Now it is perfectly integrated into the environment, faster and better than us. His age leaves no space for prejudices and considerations that have nothing to do with the situation, as it’s for us adults. She’s thoroughly enjoying the situation.

She observes, curious about and analyze, but also jumping into the life of the place trying to fix in her mind every moment, perhaps for the first time, with the knowledge of good fortune that has to be here.

His main worry is not remembered from previous trips because of age, although we parents are sure that has contributed to its formation. This time is therefore seeking to entrench indelibly every moment of the trip.

Amila, resigned, also leads us to visit the wholesale market.

The type of trade here is completely different. Are the major manufacturers offer goods and small traders  buy them.

But our interest in logistics and negotiations so far from our schemes is very elevated.

Also here, too people ask to take pictures with Valeria. Amila now seems even more relaxed!

She never misses an opportunity to try and touch everything, reiterating how she likes this freedom. Here, the children don’t feel say “hold still, do not touch, hold still, do not touch!”

Will be the atmosphere, will be that Valeria is treated as a celebrity … she would like to spend a full day to help in this market.

And of course the people capture the spirit and compete in various exhibitions to be photographed.

Here’s how to overcome the limits of the differences of languages and culture!

We visit these places to see and, in an instant, to be in the other side that people observed us, it’s always a certain effect.

Markets in the sun by the way are numerous and offering everything that you can imagine … and even more!

Those people spend their day here, with impossible temperatures. For them it’s rest and we think about what might be their typical day.

Some spaces are arranged almost maniacally.

Everywhere there is an explosion of colour and smell unknown.

And who really can’t endure at this warm, you can always buy a frozen drink …

only if you have the gut adequately defended!

Versione italiana.



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