The Ligurian excellence at the Milan Malpensa’s Sheraton.

The first “X tutti i gusti” event’s in 2013, that works to promote regional cuisine, was held in the elegant location of the Malpensa’s Sheraton, as always masterfully organized by  

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This time, the executive chef of  ‘s Restaurant hosted the excellence of the Region of Liguria.

We started with Claudio Tiranini of a Spurcacciun-a’s Restaurant in Savona.

Some delicacies are a delight only to see them!

The classics are combined with less common such as quail eggs to produce the most unusual plates

The show is the ice’s cones with holes. The ice, melting, do not go to water down the flavors inside.

Should be eaten, of course, before the container melt, hence you can imagine why the name “out of time”.

Sea urchins are placed with extreme care.

And the decorations with great skill.

And the end result is truly a work of art.

But sea urchins are use again.

This is the float sea.

Another beautiful creation that combine the beauty of glass with the goodness of the fish.

What will be created with scallops and quail eggs?

Here is the result! The grimace of scallops. But be careful: you only use the egg yolk.

Among the great chef,  , heart and mind of the whole initiative, presents us with some local producers. The first is extremely curious.

Do you know the “Abyss“? This wine is produced by Società Agricola Bisson di Chiavari. The bottles, during the maturation phase, are deposited at a depth of 60 meters in the sea, as explains us Pierluigi Lugano. The mix of microclimate, tides and sediment created a final product very special … you can just enjoy!

And also the beauty of the decorated bottles by the sea, has a really unique.

And now Giuseppe Ricchebuono of Fornace Barbablù’s Restaurant at Palazzo Vescovile in Noli.

Thanks to its eastern collaborators, its cuisine has many excursions.

The dumplings.

The care for the more detailed decorations. In this case the net that is seen is … guess what!

Ok, I tell you. Rise!

This is La Pietra del focolare.   show us her Vermentino Solarancio.

If you wants to know the history, read here.

Flavio Costa of Arco Antico’ Restaurant in Savona. He, too, uses only top quality products and from the area, as this oil.

In a few minutes he prepares his cream.

It’s really tasty.

The candied lemon zest gives the dish a very particular taste.

In a few minutes he immediately prepared another dish: smoked eggs with cream of potato, dried mushrooms and truffles, chestnuts and hazelnuts with cocoa nib.

Now Mauro Feola of Azienda Agricola Specchio di Vitae showed us her wine.

Every wines have a curios history.

The next chef is Ivano Ricchebono of The Cook Restaurant in Genova.

This is his creations: mullet and eggplant.

The ravioli are prepared in a few moments.

There are many difference about the way to prepare the ravioli in Genoa and the cappelletti in Bologna!

The parmigiana out by the oven

Potato ravioli with green beans and pesto.

After the Terre Bianche company with Rossese wine.

The pesto! It’s the boss. The pesto is known throughout the world and is the third most produced sauce in the world and the second most widely used for pasta.

 from Il Genovese Restaurant prepares an amazing pesto! Besides, he is the President of the World Championship Pesto!

The time to recharge iphone and ipad, to exchange some impressions with Michela, and here’s the appetizer finger food prepared by the staff of Il Canneto’s Restaurant.

The choreography is unique.

The luxury  tables. In the center the Ligurian focaccia (at our table we eat two chilos each!).

Some extravagant gadget. II saw them the first time in Finland.

The delicious artichoke.

The fish dishes.

Comes quickly the thanks. Chef, employees, staff, and, of course, the Director of the Sheraton.

Carlo gives us meet at the next event in February with the Marche region.

Versione italiana.

Unsurpassed trio of desserts, served on a slab of slate, with the inevitable fish in white chocolate! I can not describe how good it is …


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