Our personal blog tour: Sri Lanka and Maldives

 There is a remote island scenary of adventures that evoke ancient splendor. Its old name takes us to the famous tea plantations so beloved by the British and Europeans.

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Today, after over thirty years of bloody internal civil wars, has finally found peace today, although everything about war is still completely visible. The ancient civilizations have left evidence of their temples and places of worship, their buildings, their uses, most of which are still perfectly preserved and can be visited today.

Of course the wildlife, endemic or not, is the most important attraction of international tourism, all without forgetting relaxat and ayurveda.

You will surely understand that this island is

the ex Ceylon: Sri Lanka.

My personal Blog Tour that I am going to do, with partnership of professionists such as  and selected hotels and accomodation, which together we go gradually to discover, we will explore the island in its most characteristic aspects.

We will visit parks and places where wildlife is the major attraction and we will go on boat trips to the sighting of whales and dolphins.

We will go to Tea plantations where the population still lives devoted to the cultivation with old techniques. Then we will go to aboriginal villages with a population that is in danger of extinction.

The boat trips between mangrove forests and animals of all kinds, some of which are impossible to see elsewhere. The sandy beaches for relax. The town of Colombo, the capital and Kandy.

These are just some of the activities of this island that fascinates because it is still far from mass tourism.

And like any good tour, after exploring all island, we will leave for other islands. A near archipelago that is so well known and so popular.

I’m obviously the Maldives!

Even here, you forget the resort and classic routes. Like any true Blog Tour, and how those who follow me know, we get out of the popular destinations to go to discover the most genuine archipelago.

Pictures of RealAdventures

Our professional partner in this beautiful archipelago will be Blue K Safari Maldives with its Dolphin that shown above, we will go to explore every corner of the archipelago: the capital, the colorful local markets, and then we will go on extreme islands, most deserted and most fascinating.

We will observ wonderful fish and coral reefs, we will make a barbecues on deserted beaches, and we make a cruise with boat equipped with every comfort: air conditioned cabins, deck and solarium to enjoy the warm tropical sun, leaving the cold and wet winter of our city.

The hasthag to follow the update live, whenever possible, will be

#roadtosrilanka  e #blueksafariMaldive

Stay tuned for all the updates, of course, on my channel!

Versione italiana.


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