Taste of Trentino (Italy) at Malpensa’s Sheraton.

A follow on Twitter, a quick chat, an invitation … and here I am at the Sheraton of Malpensa (Milan) for #xtuttiigusti #Trentino’s event.

Versione Italiana.

I am going to tell you about an event like a few. Organized with uncommon professionalism and with great results, big difference if compared it with a lot others event where too often reign carelessness and improvisation.

Carlo Vischi, the ideator of the event, is a person who, thanks to its experience, knows how to choose the protagonists. And in a general overview of distrust, as one in which we live, I assure you that it is a pleasure to listen to them and really give a boost of optimism through their habitual gestures that convey love of the land and passion for their work, a combination so rare today.

In this pictures we see him with one of them: Moreno Nardin of Cembra Cantina di Montagna, a very professional young .  He explains in our table during dinner and telling some characteristics of Müller-Thurgau, about the cooperation of the Trentino in agriculture, about Maso, a typical building of its region, including history, legend and inheritance rights, … is a pleasure to be listening to him!

But first things first. I arrived for lunch at the Sheraton where we bloggers have some reserved tables and I’m pleasure to meet the first food-bloggers. A coffee, a half hour of relaxation in which we mainly discusses about web and network and the show-cooking start.

Here we are in the kitchen of the restaurant Il Canneto. As you know, by of my husband’s profession that realized Industrial Refrigeration Systems, is not the first time that I go on the back side of the kitchens of restaurants and large system, but what immediately I see here are not only the size (although large … this is the area dedicated to cold rooms), but – above all – the frenetic activity of an infinite number of people who regularly work out of the spotlight to allow us customers to enjoy of the best that hotels and restaurants can offer.

Only for the breakfast buffet, there are about a dozen pictures on the details to be complied for the preparation.

The first is Stefano Bertoni chef of Castel Toblino. If you do not know I recommend you to see the beautiful location in which it is located: built on an island which today has become the peninsula!

Since Toblino Castle is located on a lake, there will obviously products of the territory referred at the lake. So here’s a recipe for his “tuna lake”, the trout.

The combination that he suggests is with chickpeas. I leave it to the real food bloggers the detailed description of the recipes and I speak about typical smell, perfumes and flavors.

I assure you that you will be enchanted to observe how skillfully this chef explains while showing us the recipe execution, it all seems so simple and fast …

While the “tuna lake” cooks, he prepares the pike with vegetables and gardesana sauce.

The vegetables cook and we are ready to serve our first appetizer.

A few simple moves and you’re done! And to me, that I am not as able as all the food bloggers present … only a slight sense of depression: all appears simple here and so hard to replicate at home!

Now the vegetables, sauce and meticulous decoration, all made in a very short time is astonishing.

Simply remove the shape and the dish is perfect!

And I assure you that it is not only a feast for the eyes. This is even more so for the palate!

Have you ever tried to taste the trout eggs? Daniele Leonardi of Trota Oro presented them. I recommend you to try these eggs: they are delicious, and their compactness and size are very special.

The interlude is with DOP Uliva, of the Agraria Riva del Garda, the oil that has won the Special Prize Amphora Olearia in Perugia (National Competition Ercole Olivario) for the best packaging 2012. His bottle is particular and will not tell you the flavor.

It ‘s the time to Alfio Ghezzi of Locanda Marcon, with its lounge gourmet and the “terrace of rare beauty on the city of Trento,” as their presentation. Try it!

This man is an artist of multitasking. He prepares the gnocchi at the speed of light and at the same time explains and tells his territory with uncommon dedication.

Most of the pictures is wrong. He works at the speed of light while chatting amiably and answer questions.

The honey is at the right temperature and consistency. The protagonist in this sector is Andrea Paternoster of Mieli Thun. Did you know that he spends his time moving the hives around Italy to produce honey unique and special?

The high quantities of gnocchi prepared cooks and this is just a presentation!

In a moment they are ready and it’s time to serve.

Some Trentingrana...

A touch of cinnamon and the dish, in no time at all, is ready!

And just in no time at all, we eat it instantly! That this is also very good, I think you understand easily.

Now it is up to the risotto.

Are you perhaps thinking of a common risotto? You are wrong.

A risotto … very particular. Are you wondering what this “tool” he using?

And I answer with the final result!

Try to guess what are these beautiful and long-lasting bubbles, feast for the eyes at first and then for the palate!

And now there is another young excellence: Diego Rigotti of Maso Franch. Here they  ”transmit experiences of Trentino” between the region and nature. And they do it!

It’s indescribable attention to detail with which these meat dishes, in this case lamb, can be prepared.

The end result is almost definable as a garden and smells of these dishes … can not be explained by this post!

What do you think about this spaghetti from Pastificio Felicetti? They “mix the flour with the sky”!

And here are skillfully interpreted with local ingredients including the speck and the original foam of nettles.

A little extra edited by  which is much appreciated. How it has been used the salada meat of the the butcher’s shop of Sighel Enzo?  One capsule of sauerkraut, salad potatoes and Trentingrana. A Gianduiotto of salada meat and “fasoi”, and a Minimagnum of salada meat, gorgonzola and pears. Delicious!

Now there is Alfredo Chiocchetti from the “scrigno of the Dome” in the square of Trento, with its “gourmet cuisine and revisited, amid frescoes and historic walls.”

He presents the fried gnocchi.

A seemingly simple dish that becomes refined.

The preparation of the sauce.

And the final splash of Trentingrana.

With all the ingredients of contour.

A result … speaks for itself! Just looking at this picture to have hungry!

For this other plate the base is made of polenta.

Cooking the mushrooms.

He works the dough gently with two spoons.

To form these gnocchetti that will be cooked gently.

And lying on a bed of delicate fondue.

To conclude the preparation with the addition of mushrooms. The dish is definitely nice to see, but to taste is excellent!

Some fast photos and all to taste these delicacies!

One better than the other! And to say that we all had lunch!

The interlude at the end is more than anything else to charge batteries and cell phones. We move to dinner in the dining and …

Here is the appetizer finger food by the host: Enrico Fiorentini chef of Canneto Restaurant at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport.

Typical products are present all! With a truly unique setting.

One more delicious than the other.

The combinations maybe a bit unusual and sometimes even strange. Always with excellent results.

Detailed decorations.

And elegant presentations that were able to combine the original region to the Autumn season.

This sophisticated combination of fruit in season introducing another undisputed star of the evening.

The wine!

Through the cellars that led to Milan the Trentino’s excellence: Zeni, “vintners and distillers,” Letrari for which the wine of the future “will have to put in the glass all knowledge of the area where he was born,” and Cavit with their “taste for the region. ”

We go to dining and we immediately notes the accuracy of the decorations and the original box for the bread that we saw bake in the kitchen’s oven in the afternoon.

Our table even had a violin to give that unique touch of class!

I’d remain hours and hours listening to Moreno while speaks about its territory and its “cellar in the mountains.” There is obviously a story. If you want to hear … you can go to meet him right there at Cembra Cantina di Montagna!

The appetizer is a fillet of Gardesana whitefish.

Then the kamut’s pasta sprayed with coffee. Yes, with coffe! Excellent!

Cube trout and  DOP cheese Trentini tasting. We finish off with a dessert that literally reads: “Creamy honey and coriander, Raspberries, land of chocolate, cinnamon and dried pear”, served with Moscato Rosa, is unsurpassed!

Like all good things, which unfortunately end up in a hurry, even the evening draws to a close, with thanks to the guests Chef and the Host Chef. And of course to all staff.

The Director of the Sheraton and Carlo Vischi will meet all in October, when it will be the South Tyrol!

Versione Italiana.

Do you want to see more pictures?


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