Iceland and Faroe low low cost! The cheapest way to go!

Iceland, faraway land of dreams and plans. Country that remains in the heart. A place dedicated to soft tourism, particular and demanding, perhaps a bit unusual tourism.

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Iceland now accessible to all! An interesting offer from Smyril Line abbordable for all, to realize a dream of many, absolutely to get it!

October. 7 days cruise.

From Hirtshals in Denmark

to Faroe Islands at first and then to Iceland,

at total price of


The price, unlike what usually happens with certain offers, is real. Not in use in the Nordic countries, add frills along the confirmation, for this I love the North!

It seems that also Valeria love it too, who has spent more than an hour, sitting as the little mermaid with her pink jacket, to admire the Norrona when we met it in Torshvan!

Additional cost of 199 euros you can take your cars that can be used at each stop. If you have children traveling with you the price is reduced again.

I can assure you that the price is truly finished because I have personally tested. Even I though visit they are already both in Iceland and Faroe, and I usually don’t return to the places already visited because the world is great, I couldn’t lose this offer. Travel, you know, it costs, but I will never stop repeating that with the right precautions, you can travel the world without spending a big money!

Our program includes departure from Italy in the evening, overnight trip through Germany,  to reach Denmark in the morning and go to baot in the early afternoon.

When we’ll arrive to Torshvan in the Faroe Islands, we drive to Gàsadalur where you can admire the beautiful scenery on the island of Mikines (excursion, if you’ll go traveling most of us quietly, without a car, you can make by Smyril Line).

At the come back, while the official excursion involves the exploration of Eysturoy, we will go to Eiðy and maybe, who knows … reach for a hit and run, even Gjogv.

At arrival in Iceland the official excursions go to Lake Lögurinn and other day at Lake Mývatn, we’re going to touch us too, but with a much more daring  program, as usual!

Upon arrival wake up early and go the Lagoon Jökulsárlón and then from there, depending on our physical and especially by the weather conditions, we will decide whether to opt for the first alternative, more “quiet” which provides the return to the ship for sleep and then spend the next day taking a bath in the warm thermal waters of Lake Myvatn.

We tried the Blue Lagoon in the South and I can assure you that bath relax in hot water, in the middle of winter, with bad weather over our head, is one of those experiences that sooner or later in life should be done!

The crazy alternative to our program inspires Valeria does not remember most and would like to see it again. Both my husband and I consider it crazy, maybe to worry about really! Is to go on the first day for a hit and run at Geyser (and of course the waterfalls Gulfoss that are near!), continue into the night completing the Ring 1 in the part that go a little inward, to “wake up” at dawn in the north of the country on the scenarios more rugged and wild. Then we arrive at Mývatn Lake to relax a bit before boarding.

So we would be able to discovery all Iceland in a very small space of time!

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What do you think? See you on board?

Versione italiana.

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