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Maldives underwater, wonderful world! Maldive sott’acqua, fantastico mondo!

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The reef in the Maldives is spectacular. Infinite are the life forms that create picturesque and hypnotic scenery. You can spend hours and hours hypnotized to observe them.    

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Our personal blog tour: Sri Lanka and Maldives

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 There is a remote island scenary of adventures that evoke ancient splendor. Its old name takes us to the famous tea plantations so beloved by the British and Europeans. Versione italiana. Today, after over thirty years of bloody internal civil … Continua a leggere

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Fly to Maldive at 491 euro. Only with Qatar Airways.

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Who has not dreamed, at least for a moment, to relax on wonderful beaches and crystal sea? And what is the first destination that you think? Yes of course: the Maldives. Versione Italiana. The offer very attractive and valid only … Continua a leggere

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